Getting Shredded

  1. Getting Shredded

    What is the current train of though for maximum fat loss?

    HIIT or low intensity?

    Low carb or Cyclic diets?

    Fat burners or Usnic products?

    My last show, I mixed low intensity and HIIT cardio. I also cycled my carbs. I wish I could say it worked wonders and won, Unfortunately, I seem to graze more than I should. This resulted in 10 extra lbs I didn't need on stage...oops. maybe next year.

    What have you guys used? Non natties too.....You guys bust your butts too.

  2. everything as its own place and purpose, search around, experiment (figuring out your body is a life-long process), one thing that worked for me will not work for you...get my drift?

  3. As above you need to try and find what works best for you, I competed at the highest level as a natty for many years and trained others for competition. some things I beleive (this is a personal thing) cardio not needed, as a natural on a calorie deficit diet it doesn't take a lot to send your body into a catabolic state.

    When I got it right I competed with striated glutes - the sign of being ripped and a pre-requisite for top competitiors in the UK. As a natural the only way to attain this is by a prolonged diet - with me it took 9 months and 2 competitions. I felt the re-feeds after each of these competitions got me into the best shape for the final show. Personally I was and am not a great beleiver in regular carb cycling. I found these re-feeds/mega binges worked much better and would only recommend perhaps 2-3 over a 7-9 month period and not within 6 weeks of the final show. Bare in mind I was probably around 6% BF when doing this also.

    Also no heavy bulking if you are competing and want to attain a very low bodyfat level stay within 15 - 20 lbs or thereabouts of your competition weight.

  4. maybe high intensity would be best

  5. Like everyone else said. READ , READ, READ some more. Learn as much as possible. Try different things. Give yourself a six month window to try things out and learn as much as possible. Listen to your body and find out what provides the greatest benefits to you specifically. I'm still learning my body and I've been at this for 6+ years.

    -You came to the right place though.



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