2009 NPA Nationals and Masters Universe - Results

  1. 2009 NPA Nationals and Masters Universe - Results

    Monday, July 20, 2009 - NPA Nationals and NPA Masters Universe - Results

    Finally, whew. After placing Second in my last three contests (2008 and 2009 FAME World Championships and 2008 NPA Nationals and Masters Universe), I finished First in the Open Men's Lightweight Class in the 2009 NPA Nationals and First in the Men's Masters 60+ Class in the 2009 Masters Universe and won my fourth Pro Card in Burlington, North Carolina on Saturday. I had a great time competing in the Overall Masters and Overall Open Championships. It was sweet!

    My goal this year was to come in 10 pounds heavier than my 138 pounds last year. I weighed in at 148.2 on Saturday morning at check-in, on target. I was in the best shape of my life, with plenty of vascularity and plenty of hard muscle. I feel really good about my contest prep. It all came together and I peaked at just the right time.

    I am going to take some time off from competing to work on adding another seven pounds of lean mass. I would like to compete in my next Pro Show at around 155 pounds, my heaviest weight ever on stage.

    I am a Pro in four federations: NGA, WNSO (FAME), IDFA (Canada) and now the Natural Physique Association (NPA). I have a number of pro shows to chose from and I will enter at least two next year.

    I'm gratified to end my contest year with two First Place wins and being awarded my fourth Pro Card, at 66 years-of-age. Rock and Roll!

  2. Congrats Scott!

  3. congrats Scott. keep that protein and calories high for adding thick slabs of muscle in the offseason. and move some heavy weights and get that sleep!


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