2009 NGA Alabama Natural Open - Results

  1. 2009 NGA Alabama Natural Open - Results

    2009 NGA Alabama Natural Open Bodybuilding, Figure and Fitness Model Championships - Pro Qualifier: Results

    Forty-eight outstanding men and women athletes vied for Neils Andersen Sculptured trophies at Saturday's 2009 NGA Alabama Natural Open Bodybuilding, Figure and Fitness Model Championships at a sold-out Hoover High School venue in Birmingham, Alabama.

    The crowd enthusiastically supported the contestants who came from Tennessee, Georgia, Louisiana, Florida, Pennsylvania and Alabama to compete for three NGA Pro Cards in Open Figure, Men's Masters and Open Bodybuilding.

    To a person, the athletes were pleased with the setting, the pump up area, the treats and the goodie bags, which were supplied by Muscletology, an Alabama based supplement company and filled with tee shirts, hats, a pair of Gripad workout gloves and supplements. All of the competitors said they would come back next year for the 2010 NGA Alabama Natural Open Championships.

    Three NGA Pro Cards were awarded:

    Angia Baker of Tuscaloosa, Alabama won the Figure Tall Class and went on to capture the Open Figure Overall

    Timothy Holder of Birmingham, Alabama captured the Masters 50+ title and won the Masters Overall. Tim's posing routine impressed the judges enough for them to award him the show's Best Poser Trophy.

    David Lee Gallahan, Jr. of Pelham, Alabama was scored the unanamous Heavyweight Class winner and also scored a unanamous vote from the judges to become the Overall Champion of the NGA Alabama Natural Open.

    Congratulations to our three new NGA Pros.

    The Results:

    Figure Novice

    Jana Maxon, Tuscaloosa, AL - 1st
    Val Skeete, Smyma, GA, 2nd

    Open Figure Short

    Brittney Franklin, Dallas, GA - 1st
    Mandy Wade, Dallas, GA - 2nd
    Carmen Stewart, Douglasville, GA - 3rd
    Yuki Harris, Atlanta, GA - 4th

    Open Figure Tall

    Angie Baker, Tuscaloosa, AL - 1st
    Monica Perez, Jonesboro, GA - 2nd
    Wanda Gil, Douglasville, GA - 3rd
    Alma Agic, Decatur, GA - 4th
    Traci Dixon, Villa Rica, GA - 5th

    Open Figure Overall - NGA Figure Pro Card

    Angie Baker, Tuscaloosa, AL

    Fitness Model Women - New NGA Class

    Monica Perez, Jonesboro, GA - 1st
    Brittney Franklin, Dallas, GA - 2nd
    Alma Agic, Decatur, GA - 3rd
    Val Skeete, Smyma, GA - 4th
    Traci Dixon, Villa Rica, GA - 5th
    Yuki Harris, Atlanta, GA - 6th

    Fitness Model Men - New NGA Class

    Tyrone Smith II, Atlanta, GA - 1st
    Ivan Blazquez, Metaire, LA - 2nd

    Men's Masters 40+

    Tom Silavanh, Opilika, AL - 1st
    Brian Cressman, Jasper, AL - 2nd
    Adell Pickens, Smyma, GA - 3rd
    Donald Moore, Powder Springs, GA, 4th

    Men's Masters 50+

    Timothy Holder, Birmingham, AL - 1st
    Dwight Bass, Wetumpka, AL - 2nd
    Melton Harrell, Atlanta, GA - 3rd
    Jim Henderhan, Fultondale, AL - 4th

    Men's Masters 60+

    Melton Harrell, Atlanta, GA - 1st
    Mingo Ponder, Huntsville, AL - 2nd

    Men's Masters Overall - NGA Master Pro Card

    Timothy Holder, Birmingham, AL

    Open Women's Bodybuilding

    Angie Crullar, Jasper, AL - 1st
    Jessica Sexton, Birmingham, AL - 2nd

    Open Men's Lightweight

    Ivan Blazquez, Mateire, LA - 1st
    Timothy Holder, Birmingham, AL - 2nd
    Tom Silavanh, Opelika, AL - 3rd
    Matthew Burttram, Auburn, AL, 4th
    Alexander Lollis, Morrisville, PA - 5th

    Open Men's Middleweight

    Andrew Tingle, Toney, AL - 1st
    James Glass, Jr, Montgomery, AL - 2nd

    Open Men's Light Heavyweight

    Joseph Sherrell, Tuscaloosa, AL - 1st
    Mike Williams, Murfreesboro, TN - 2nd
    Scott Reid, Black, AL - 3rd
    Tytone Smith II, Atlanta, GA - 4th
    Adell Pickens, Smyma, GA - 5th
    Nick Jones, Sterrett, AL - 6th

    Open Men's Heavyweight

    David Lee Gallahan, Jr, Pelham, AL - 1st
    Brian Cressman, Jasper, AL - 2nd
    Derrick Autrey, Anniston, AL - 3rd
    Donald Moore, Powder Springs, GA - 4th

    Overall Open Men's Champion - NGA Pro Card

    David Lee Gallahan, Jr., Pelham, AL


    Laura Tourtellot, Newmarket, NH - Head Judge
    Dana Bennett, Prattville, AL
    Megan May, Atlanta, GA
    Ed Bowen, Atlanta, GA
    Will Lantrip, Birmingham, AL
    John Rossman, Birmingham, AL

    Master of Ceremonies

    Scott "Old Navy" Hults


    BodyBuildingSenior, LLC
    Scott "Old Navy" Hults
    John Rossman

  2. I think James Glass trains, or has trained at one of the gold gyms a few miles from me in Montgomery...
    I thought there was one in August, like, Mr. Tuscaloosa or something? I had a cop buddy from Tuscaloosa that was competing in that one, or something very similar coming up.
    ---The internet is the father of the electronic lynch-mob---

  3. man! this was 5 minutes from me but I forgot about it. Next year maybe i'll be ready to compete Do you know the Masters winners stats on stage? Height/Weight?

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