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    F355, if you want to know about ANY product and whether it is safe or not for use in the Natural Federations then the EASIEST thing to do is ask someone from the Federation (I ask the boss, since going straight to the top is always the best way to go) if it is ok; they will give you a definitive answer on a product-by-product basis for those that you are "confused" about.

    If you are interested in WNSO and FAME, then email Jefferey Kippel ([email protected]) or Mindy Blackstein ([email protected]), the founders and co-presidents of the Organization, re any product queries.

    Team APPNUT
    Thanks for that input, you're right I should just go to the pit bosses.

  2. HemodrauliX , Smash and hypertest is a great NATTY stack
    Team Orbit

  3. I've been trying the following for about the last month. Even at age 34, I'm a so it may be overkill but it seems to be working pretty well for me. If someone sees combos in here that are counter productive, I'm all ears. I just started lifting in earnest in March of this year but have seen really nice results. I've considered taking ph/ds but from reading these very informative forums, will be waiting quite a while before doing so. Even at my "old" age, lol, I've not hit a plateau that I haven't been able to push through yet and want to see what I'm capable of. Goal is lofty at being able to hit a 315 flat bench rep by the end of this winter but I'm going to work my ass off and hit it.

    Anyway, here's what I'm taking, and yeah it's a bunch. Sometimes when my wife sees what I spend on supplements in a month now I think she'd be happier if I'd just stayed fat and eating junk food.

    Morning (just before or with breakfast)
    -500mg L-Lysine (Immune and Skin)
    -500mg L-Glutamine
    -500 or 1000mg L-Carnitine
    -1000mg Flaxseed Oil (Omega 3,6,9)
    -500mg (2 capsules) Axis Labs HyperTEST
    -MegaMen Sport multi-vitamin (2) Caps
    -NO2 Black 4-5 Caps

    About Noon (with lunch)/Pre Workout (Work out at 1 PM)
    -1000mg L-Glutamine
    -1000mg L-Carnitine
    -1000mg Flaxseed Oil (Omega 3,6,9)
    -500mg (2 capsules) Axis Labs HyperTEST
    -NO2 Black 4-5 Caps
    -Get Diesel Ready4War (3 Caps from the 100 cap bottle)
    -3750mg (5 Capsules) Axis Labs Creatine Ethyl Ester

    2:30 PM PWO
    -1.5 Scoops ON Gold Whey + 1.5 Scoops Amplify XL Shake
    -3750mg (5 Capsules) Axis Labs Creatine Ethyl Ester

    Around 7 or 8 PM
    -500mg (2 capsules) Axis Labs HyperTEST

    ETA Not planning on competing, just want to look like I could.

  4. personally heres my day lately

    2 scoops chaind out with joint formula, and multivitamins
    5ml Sustain Alpha Liqua Vade, 1 serving Multi vitamin liquid from NOW

    Weight gain shake 50g protein 100g carbs

    pre workout
    2 scoops Vasocor 2 scoops chaind out during workout
    post workout
    1 scoop protein and Waxy maize

    last meal is
    5ml Sustain Alpha Liqua-vade
    2 scoops Myofusion in milk
    sometimes use Hitec somatomax, or Lean dreams

  5. soon once my shoulder heals i will swap the sustain alpha for Dermacrine Liquavade and phytotest!!! im stoked, ive heard great things so far

  6. I recommend the swole stack.

    I used it and I met my strength goals and I gained some nice strength.

  7. Dymatize expand extreme, or VAPOR. (I got some free samples of vapor) pre, with extend, and primaforce BCAA. 2-1-1 RATIO. Post is Cell Tech hardcore pro series, and whey iso Dymatize. I take 15gm sample pack of HYDRO WHEY rightnow.

    Multi, vitamin shoppe
    Calcium, magnesium, vitamin c
    fish oil
    snooze in w/ melatonin vitamin shoppe brand

    About to start L tyrosine daily for energy.

  8. I really like Myoplex deluxe, or Zero Impact meal replacements too.

  9. right now im stacking animal pak, blue ups, six star protein, six star creatine, and zma. but i will soon be stacking t-bomb, blue gene, animal pak, six star protein, six star creatine, and zma. basically just adding blue gene and switching blue ujps for t-bomb II

  10. Sounds good bro. Are you taking any Omega -3, or Fish oil? I also saw that you didnt include Glutamine. Are you taking a protein powder with glutamine in it?

  11. My daily supps:

    -Multi Vitamin
    -Glutamine 3X
    -Tribulus 3X
    -BCAA 4X
    -ZMA @ Bedtime
    -Protein 4X
    -NO-Xplode Pre-workout
    -CellMass Post-workout

    I normally will run with this for about 4-6 weeks and then take a few weeks off the give the body time to readjust....but that is just me and I don't think that it is neccessary for everyone.

    Will being starting a PH/DS cycle within the next week. Can't wait.

  12. Good. You know your body better than I do. I also take some time to cleanse receptors, but not as often as you. I will be starting a cycle pre contest. I am also excited about it.


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