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  1. I agree on the low carbs. may work for some people but I have done it and I do not feel good on it.

    and that is a good point about just adding more cardio to burn the calories off. I personally like cardio because it elevates my mood.
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  2. Quote Originally Posted by classic27 View Post
    I do agree with you but the whey is for convenince and its cheap. I'm eating a pound of meat, 5 or 6 eggs, cottage cheese, peanut butter, milk, so I am not completely relying on supplements. I will try to eat more protein from food when I have the down time to do so.
    Good idea to keep to real foods instead of powders, which usually store as some fat. Also make sure you are drinking enough water or you will def have more fat storage then you expect.

    What is your body type? I think 10-15 would be hard for an ecto

  3. few things
    drop the milk and either eat more protein from a shake or more carbs from your brown rice

    seconds where is your red meat in the diet? BEEF SHOULD BE A STAPLE for a bodybuilder IMO

    and you might want to drop the fruit and again replace it with something more complex like oats or brown rice

    let me know how it goes

  4. y do u feel cardio while bulking is more important for natties?

  5. I think that TOO many natural athletes hold back gains by trying to stay lean year rond. HOW MANY NATURAL guys do you see who are huge AND lean? ....None, unless you consider 185 big. But naturals can put on good size if they arent afraid of getting a little smooth while gaining weight IMO
    anabolics change the game tho and is a whole other story

  6. if you wanna stay lean on the bulk, i would suggest to drop the sugar post workout and any other simple carb. Stick with just complex carbs and fats, and of course protein. For your larger carb meals (30 grams and up) I would get some Anabolic Pump or Glycobol, this will definitely keep you lean, but also drive the nutrients to your muscle cells.

  7. good start, eat more protein

  8. Here's a breakfast recipe from my old bulking days: 1cup oats, 1/4cup chopped almonds, 1cup mixed berries, and 4 egg whites mix all together enjoy


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