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  1. Assault Feedback Thread

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    Some lucky people have tried Assault now, so I dedicating this thread to what people initially think of it. Once the product is available and people start to try it I want to know what they think. Feel free to post up your thoughts on the product!

    Here is my initial thoughts on the Berry Blast Flavor:
    Berry Blast
    Tasted a lot like Kool Aid. I mixed it with 10oz of water and it was just about perfect. No weird aftertaste or odd flavor what so ever. Unlike most pre-workouts that are tolerable at best, Assault was actually enjoyable to drink!

    Very easy to mix and dissolved nicely. I used a blender bottle and gave it a total of 6 spins. I did three spins let it settle then two more and drank most of it, finally the very last one a got the little bit that had settled to just about completely dissolve no problem. Was happy that it did not have a gritty texture and was actually practically instantized.

    Surprisingly Good. I know the caffeine amount in the product is low compared to most others and I was not expecting to get as much energy from Assault as I did. I am a huge stimulant junkie so for me just to feel it is outstanding but to actually have a nice buzz going was great. I still have a little energy from it now a few hours after dosing. I took it on a completely empty stomach so I noticed the effects within about 20 minutes. The energy was very clean as well, not jittery or anxious.

    Did a dynamic workout today and my force was great. I was doing band resisted squats with average bands and honestly I felt like I had not extra tension at the top of the movement. I can't wait to try this on a Max Effort day.
    Here is a PM I received on the Muscle Pharm Forums by a tester over there:
    Bro, i just got my tub of Assault in the mail today, mixed 1 scoop with 10oz water and shook for 45seconds.

    How the hell do you guys sleep at night? I mean, you guys have said this stuff tasted great, awesome and all that. That is VERY misleading and not at all true! How dare you and MP lie to the people on the forums.


    This is the best tasting stuff i have EVER tried in all my years of taking supplements bro. Saying its good does it ZERO justice. We have to think of a better word.. damn this stuff is better than ... well.... maybe even sex! lol

    Maybe we can say it tastes "Sexalishious". lol
    Quote Originally Posted by MentalTwitch View Post
    FTMTW!!!! ASSAULT [Arctic Blue Razz] OWNS ALL!!!!

    No joke, this flavor is the shyt!
    I could drink it all day like Kool-Aid.

    Bout to hit the weights.
    Quote Originally Posted by Rugger1 View Post
    Thanks to Brad and his samples, I've now experienced ASSAULT in both Arctic Blue Raspberry and Raspberry Lemonade.

    Let me start off by saying WOW. Taste was absolutely incredible on both of these. I almost felt like I was back in 3rd grade guzzling down Kool-Aid that someone had spiked with half a pound of sugar. I could seriously drink this stuff all day long. If it was put in a blender with some ice and turned into a slurpy, OMG!

    Anyways, a summary of my workout: Took the Assault down about 25 minutes before I actually started moving weight. I did pull ups, close grip pull down, incline DB, neck press, pec-deck, and a crap load of biceps. The workout started off so-so with my stomach rumbling a little bit. I felt the beta alanine kickin it, my hands and face got a bit tingly. As the workout progresses the feeling got better and better. Stomach rumble disappeared as I drank more water. I'll echo what MentalTwitch said in that I really had to force myself to stop working out. Energy was great.

    Ratings of 10:
    Taste: 10/10 Explained above. Simply amazing.
    Energy: 8/10 Energy was great. Really had to force myself to stop. was able to push out more reps than usual. Loved this part.
    Pumps: 9/10 WOW. Pumps really were "skin splitting" as the MP site would put it. Only 2 things I've ever used had better pumps: Havoc (a steroid) and WTF Pumped. I really felt like I was using havoc again where the pumps were so intense they were almost painful.
    Stim: 6/10 six of ten is a good rating in this category. I didn't feel cracked out but I felt a nice increase in focus and intensity. Perfect level of stimulation.
    Sides: 2/10 Had a bit of stomach trouble initially but I'll attribute that to not drinking enough water. It says on the package to drink at least a gallon a day because of dosage amounts; I think I'll listen to that recommendation

    Overall: I am really impressed. This is a well rounded product that DOES WHAT IT SAYS IT WILL. No empty promises like some companys put out there. If I have disposable income and need a Pre-WO type supplement, this will definitely be near if not at the top of the list.

    Great work, Muscle Pharm.

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  2. hmmm... still waiting for mine!

    Can't wait to get my hands on this!!
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  3. i have mine. But wont be opening it for anther day or 2. Its killing me!!!

  4. where can you buy this stuff at? I looked on this site but i couldn't seem to find it and is it exspensive

  5. I don't typically like pre-workout formulae, but Assault has become a staple in my supplement regimen.

    It's pretty potent, so at first I got queasy from a full scoop. So, I used a half scoop for about a week, still got great benefit at that dosage, then upped it to a full scoop.

    A tub'll last you a fair amount of time too, and the taste is unbelievable. I drink it like kool-aid all the time if I could.

    At this point though, it's expensive at it's normal price, but MP has 50% off sales pretty regularly, and that makes Assault very affordable.
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  6. Assault can currently be purchased at and you can use discount code PM30 to save 30% on the order. Also orders over $100 dollars ship for free!
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  7. Assault is a must for me as a PWO drink. It just gives me the pump and focus that I need after a very long day at work. Taste....I had to take another swig of it right this minute. You try to get every drop out of the cup, no wasting.

    I have also drank it before sparring, and JJ. And I have not had the feeling like I need to vomit or feel queazy. I can feel my heart rate going higher then usual but thats a given. I have let some people try it and they can not stop asking me for some more. So I donated the rest of my last orders bottle to them to split. They should be putting an order soon.

    I do not know how much I need to reiterate how much this is like, CRACK! Keep up the good work guys, thanks for always taking the time to answer any questions I had.


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