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  1. Omega Wave Technology

    Muscle Pharm's Product Development:
    Muscle Pharm products are a result of over 2 years of state-of-the-art physiology research combining science (Omega Wave Technology) with real life application. The products have been tested on over 100 elite professional athletes, that range from the NFL, MMA, MLB and much more. "We have been very fortunate to have the support of elite athletes for the past 2 years to help in testing a variety of products with the Omega Wave Machine," says Brad Pyatt (CEO Muscle Pharm). It has definitely helped in the advancement of our product line, giving us a competitive edge on the development and enhancement of each product.

    Muscle Pharm recently concluded an 8 week study that tested the effectiveness of each of their products. In this study Muscle Pharm's products were tested against already proven leaders in the industry. The study used innovative technology, the Omega Wave Machine, to see how Muscle Pharm would compare when using this science as our determining factor. The results were staggering to say the least, and Muscle Pharm is very pleased to say that we feel that the countless hours spent testing over the past years has paid off dramatically. In conclusion, Muscle Pharm is very confident to say that we have a finished product that will be able to compete with the big boys right out the gate, creating a new demand in sports nutrition! LINK FOR STUDY...Coming July 1st.

    The Technology:
    Omega Wave systems monitor the function of multiple biological systems and provide a comprehensive picture of changes in athletes as they respond to training, life choices, emotional stress, diets and supplementation. The assessments are noninvasive, mostly done at rest, and can be performed anywhere in as little as two minutes. As a result, the athlete can be tested as often as desired.

    Because Omega Wave analyzes the effects of stress - regardless of source - it can be used to assess the impact of travel, changes in altitude, hydration, and lifestyle choices. Omega Wave also helps to evaluate the effectiveness of different recuperation techniques such as massage, supplementation, acupuncture, and other treatments - to lower overall stress. Such comprehensive insight provides a competitive edge and enhances communication between coach and athlete.

    Benefits of the Omega Wave Evaluation:

    1. Optimize training while preventing over-training.
    2. Prevent injuries now and in the future.
    3. With quick, regular testing (e.g. daily, weekly, before or after proactive), we see a dynamic picture of how each athlete, as an individual, is adapting to his or her training regimen.
    4. The understanding of each athlete's adaptation response can be used to optimize training, prevent over-training, and orchestrate peak performance.
    5. Adjust the training plan blueprint based on the results from regular testing.

    What the Omega Wave Evaluation Shows:

    1. Omega Wave Sport Technology - comparable to a "stress test" but non-invasive provides insight into how your body adapts to training and competition.
    2. The Omega Wave Sport Technology primary test answers the following questions:

    a. Is the athlete's heart (heart regulation) ready to support high intensity loads, low intensity loads, or is over-stressed, sluggish, or not adapting to previous training?

    b. Which energy systems (aerobic, anaerobic, or alactic) need development, which are ready for work and which are in need of further recovery?

    c. Additional tests evaluate an athlete's potential in the following areas: Power, speed, endurance, and vertical jump
    Muscle Pharm Rep

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