Muscle Pharm is NSF Certified!

  1. Muscle Pharm is NSF Certified!

    DENVER--(BUSINESS WIRE)--MusclePharm® Corporation (OTCBB:MSLP), one of the fastest growing nutritional supplement companies in the United States with a proprietary formulation used in eight performance products, today announced MuscleGel achieves NSF certification. In addition, the Company’s Recon and Assault nutritional products will be NSF certified within the coming months.

    “We are extremely pleased MusclePharm’s MuscleGel is now NSF certified and look forward to Recon and Assault’s future addition to the NSF’s list of approved supplements,” commented Brad Pyatt, MusclePharm’s Chief Executive Officer. “Our Chief Medical Researcher, Dr. Jeffery Stout, Ph.D. and his team of scientists, doctors, and top professional athletes were instrumental in achieving the NSF’s certification of MuscleGel, Recon and Assault. These three products provide strong, unique opportunities for us to expand MusclePharm’s distribution within the professional athletic community, including the MLB and NFL.”

    NSF International is an independent, not-for-profit organization that meets the growing demands of athletes, coaches and all those concerned about banned substances in sports supplements. NSF International created the new NSF Certified for Sport™ Program. This new NSF program is a focused solution designed to minimize the risk that a dietary supplement or sports nutrition product contains banned substances. This program is part of NSF's successful 60-year history of providing certification programs for food, water and consumer goods.

    MLB, the MLB Player’s Association, NFL, the NFL Player’s Association, PGA, LPGA and the CCES have all chosen NSF’s Certified for Sport™ program to help verify the products their athletes use are safer and free of banned substances. NSF GMP for Sport™ certification verifies that the facility, operations and ingredient sourcing are in compliance with GMP requirements via ongoing audits.

    MusclePharm products are currently available in 1,200 of the top General Nutrition Centers (GNC) in the United States, as well as Vitamin Shop. MusclePharm’s award-winning products — Assault®, Battle Fuel®, Bullet Proof®, Combat Powder®, Recon® and Shred Matrix®—are also available online at,, and many other locations.
    Full Article: MusclePharm Announces MuscleGel Achieves NSF Certification - Yahoo! Finance

  2. I saw this on the stock ticker news on Etrade. I've been looking at putting some money into stock of your company for a few weeks now, I'm just kind of waiting to see if some volume flows in. I think it's going places. I might be wrong but NSF certification could be VERY important with all the testing going on and the push for more strict testing in professional sports.
    I hear of MMA guys claiming they took over the counter supplements and that there must have been a banned substance in it they weren't aware of. Of course they are likely lying, but if people stick to NSF listings they won't have to worry. I can see NFL and MLB players sticking to stuff on the list only just to be safe.

  3. Yeah, a certification like that really takes a lot of accountability off of the athletes.

  4. I've always wondered just what company out there is NSF certified. I think i'll be searching that one in a few minutes.
    ---The internet is the father of the electronic lynch-mob---

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