assualt hardcore?

  1. assualt hardcore?

    i have used the original assualt in the past and didnt notice much while taking and ended up giving it away. Has anyone tried the new hardcore version? is it any better then the original?

  2. It will give you more of a stimulant kick compared to the old formula. We also upped the beta alanine and changed the creatine component around a little bit.

  3. oh ok sounds like its worth trying. seriously considering the mass stack after i finish with my current supps because i really love musclpharms products. also thinking about buying bullet proof and i have a bottle of shred already so i might run all of them at once. would it be ok to use them all at once?

  4. lol sorry if i keep askin so many questions just curious as to how the entire line of products would work together

  5. You can definitely stack any of our products together, if I was going to run the Mass Stack + Shred this is how I would do it:
    Workout Days:
    Shred Upon Waking
    Battle Fuel 1 hour before training
    Assault 20 minutes before training
    Recon during last exercise

    Non- Workout Days
    Shred upon Waking
    Battle Fuel with Lunch

    Optional Non- Workout Days
    1/2 Scoop of Assault&Recon mixed together upon waking with Shred

    And then the Bullet Proof could be used on an as needed basis because your recovery is already going to be killer with the stack anyways.

  6. oh wow it sounds so good. probably gonna do it. would i just use combat powder whenever throughtout the day or should i have it with recon after workouts?

  7. Just use combat whenever you need some extra protein. If your going to use it post workout make sure you wait at least 30 minutes after Recon to take it.

  8. okay man thanks for all the help i really appreciate it and am looking foward to the stack. it should be great.


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