Anyone have reviews for the mass stack?

  1. Anyone have reviews for the mass stack?

    really thinking of buying the mass stack today, ive used assault in the past, but never battle fuel or recon. any input would be great

  2. I don't know if we have any logs on the stack, there are definitely some logs of each individual product though.
    I can tell you though that Assault and Recon alone is one of the best combos you can get, the recovery and strength are ridiculous with those two. Adding in the battle fuel will really help with your endurance and should amplify your gains noticeably.

  3. Just ordered the Mass Stack BB.COM
    two days ago. Should be here this week, I may run a log after the holidays.

  4. Nice man, you should definitely like it. If you get a log going shot me the link so I can follow along.

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