bullet proof stacked with an OTC pct product?

  1. bullet proof stacked with an OTC pct product?

    Hi im currently on pct from a pro hormone cycle and was simply wondering if i could use bullet proof in conjunction with my novedex xt.

  2. OTC serm??? No such thing... Novedex XT by gaspari is not a serm...

    what was your cycle id be more worried about your PCT then if you can take bullet proof (which is not a problem)

    but just so you kno you probably need to get some Clomid or NOLVADEX aka Tamoxifen Citrate

  3. oh well ya im rather new to ph's lol. actually not going to use them again for a very long time. well anyway i have all my pct supps in place and im good there. i was just wondering if it would be okay to mix these to before bed time.

  4. i dont have the money to afford clomid or nolvadex at the moment. but if i was to ever use hormones again i would buy some clomid ahead of time.

  5. ooops lol didnt see that u said it isnt a problem. thanks

  6. my cycle was 5 deca zol by complete nutrition from july 1st to the 28th. took it back after reading stuff and didnt finish the cycle but only took 1 pill a day not 2 like they recommended.

  7. in case u havent seen this product 1 cap has 15mg superdrol and 12.5mg halodrol

  8. Bullet proof is a great addition to PCT, it will help get your test going again and it will also help keep your prolactin levels in check. I won't comment on your PCT as a whole, but I will say that Bullet Proof will not have any negative effects on the Novadex XT and it is fine to stack the two.

  9. alright thanks man

  10. im also using p6 extreme as a natural test booster and free test elevator. do you think battle fuel would be better then p6 for pct because i do have some battle fuel on hand as well. Love bullet proof by the way! Gives crazy dreams and tastes great!

  11. I am not familiar with P6 but Battle Fuel works very well for a PCT product because it not only boosts test but it also helps control estrogen levels and has a detox blend to help clean your body out a bit after the cycle.

  12. Good luck, OP

  13. alright thanks for the help.


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