ON: Prime + Assault

  1. ON: Prime + Assault

    hey guys!!!!!

    i started today(07/14) with prime + assault.

    i'm holding my 2 bottles of powerfull to run with Turinabol + TREN



    first of all........ASSAULT HAS A GREAT TASTE!!!!
    pink color hehehe.

    i used twice only.....legs workut and back workout.
    i notice a good endurance.....but, is to early to say something yet.

    keep going

  2. Cool, should be a good stack

  3. ^_-

    first week....let's see what happen!


    second week........owesome NO2.....resistence and focus are amazing!!
    PUMP and strengh are veeeeeeeeery high to !

    taste is perfect!!!

    i'll use assault agains for sure!

    i have more 3 weeks with it !

    PRIME is owesome to......libido is very very high heheheh

  5. Cool, glad you like it thus far

  6. Cool stack..keep us updated


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