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    You could try splitting up the dose so that you take 3 pills in the morning and then 3 more in the afternoon. Also how is your salt intake? It takes a little bit of time for your body to adjust to increased water intake and there are a ton of factors that could be manipulating your diuretic hormones. There are a few ingredients that will work as natural diuretics in Battle Fuel so it will amplify any other diuretics that may be in your diet such as caffeine.
    Thanks, will def give that a try !
    I use sea salt, daily.
    As for caffeine I switched to green tea mostly and still have coffee but either one I only use 1 cup in the am. I don't drink any soda/tonic's. My prework out is ASGT so I'll check that.

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    I'm a first time user, got the new formula and am taking 6 caps. I suspect either the "cleanse matrix" itself or in combination with the creatine is causing me to pee every 5 min. so I've increased my water intake and that makes me go even more often. Have been dosing 1hr pre wo will try the early morning method. Any other ideas??, this is really a nuisance to the point I'm considering stopping it all together.
    My two cents note take the 2pills 30 min to an hour before you gym it up!
    2 AM
    2 Noon
    2 night
    Diet is always the key to unlocking the door of success


  3. Follow up report: Urgency to pee has subsided. The new dosing schedual of 3 in am and 3 in afternoon has worked out nicely ! phew, I'm very glad now L

  4. Nice, code yellow averted.

  5. I just got my first bottle of battle fuel today. I'll be starting it Sunday I wonder what it's going to do to me haha

  6. Cool man, let us know how you like it. I am actually using my last bottle of the old formula right now and will probably run the new formula in a few weeks.


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