Muscle Pharm Is At Nutra Planet

  1. Muscle Pharm Is At Nutra Planet

    Muscle Pharm's line is now being sold at the best retailer on the net, Nutra Planet!

  2. glad to have you guys at the planet
    Mr. Supps Board Rep

  3. Finally!
    Bulk Performance Solutions
    --No Proprietary Blends, All Performance--

    ***NOW @ NP***

  4. are they getting battle fuel too? not in lineup so far....

  5. I would think so, it has just been on backorder for a little while now.

  6. that is one I am waiting on. Interested in the synergy in Battle Fuel.

    Already have some bullet proof in my cart.
    Mr. Supps Board Rep

  7. I just wanted to welcome Muscle Pharm to our line-up at Nutraplanet. I know quite a few people have worked for a while to make this happen and we look forward to a long relationship. Just promise you'll never leave us for some younger website you met at a bar while out drinking. Wait...did I say that?

  8. I love Nutra planet


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