Battle Fuel info

  1. Battle Fuel info

    ok not to many reviews on this product. i'm 44 and just ordered this and bullet proof. i would like to hear if people are happy with this product. think i'm going to add recon to round out this mp test stack and see what i think.

  2. I have used Battle Fuel a lot and I think the main reason you don't see many reviews is because its a product that you won't really appreciate until your not using it. It gives you a good boost when you first take it, but the effects compound very steadily and once you are off you will start to notice everything that it did for you. Any of the logs we have done with it in the past have all been stacked with either Bullet Proof or Assault so maybe we will have to do a standalone log sometime.

  3. so is it recommended to stay on it longer than the seven week cycle???

  4. With Battle you want to dose it for three weeks and then take a week off. You can do this for multiple cycles but you should probably take a break after a few cycles.
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