I love Muscle Pharm products...

  1. I love Muscle Pharm products...

    I purchased Assault, Battle Fuel and Bullet Proof...

    I normally take the Battle Fuel about 30 minutes before my Jiu Jitsu class... I get a great sweat and drive to push myself harder than the class before... definitely two thumbs up for this product... I'm out right now but have some on special order at my local Vitamin Shoppe... I can't wait to get it back...

    The Assault is taken right after breakfast before going to morning Jiu Jitsu situation drills and my new morning workouts. I love the tingles in my hands and the burst of energy I get right before the workout begins... I am able to push through pain and work harder. It mixes well and I like the taste, it's the arctic raspberry.

    The Bullet Proof helps take the edge off at the end of the night if I am still kinda jacked up near bedtime... only problem I have is the taste is a bit rough... honestly it kicked me in the mouth the first time... but it definitely helps the sleep.... very deep rest but it can mess you up if you don't give it enough time for rest...

  2. Cool, Im glad you like the products. With the Bullet Proof you can mix one scoop in about 2 ounces of water and just do a quick shot of it if the taste still bothers you. Its one of those things where you don't expect the taste at first but once you have it a few times you get use to it and its actually pretty good.

  3. Welcome to the MP family!

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