Impressed.. :)

  1. Impressed.. :)

    Would just like to say.. Woah.
    I've been taking Assault, Bulletproof and Shred and I'm very impressed even though I'm only on week 1.

    I had 2 weeks off before I started this stack. With Assault though I haven't lost any strenght lifting. However I've really got some sore traps, which i've never really felt this sore before. The Pumps are really full and focus is quite there.

    Bulletproof, well the taste is a bit funky. But after a while It grows on ya. But my sleep is quite deep and I do feel really relaxed just after i take it.

    Shred seems to work very well. Its a constant thing to remind my self to eat. I did try and eat something sweet and while having it and after it. I did feel quite off. So no more of those...

    I have 1 question though. It does say to drink 1 gallon of water. Thats like 3.7 liters over here in Aust. Drinking that much makes me piss like a champion and in my job, I"m a paramedic, it sucks always trying to get to the toliet.
    Just wondering if it would effect the shred if I only drank 3 liters? Or does the shred require a higher urinary output?

  2. I would try to work your way up to at least a gallon a day in general, hydration is the key to so many different processes in your body. Also if your going to drink less just monitor your urine to make sure your staying hydrated, since your a paramedic I am sure you know the signs of dehydration. For those who don't a pretty simple rule is if your urine is dark drink some more water, if its very lightly colored or clear your good to go.

  3. I felt the same way... running to the pisser every 30 mins. After a few months it won't be like that. I guess your body adapts some... or at least mine did. I drink more water now then ever and don't piss near as much as I did years ago when i starting downing it all day. I don't think you could catch me now without a water nearby.

  4. Great Feedback!!

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