Banana Cream Combat: Two Reviews for the Price of One

  1. Banana Cream Combat: Two Reviews for the Price of One

    For the last month or so, BW and I have been using Muscle Pharm's new Banana Cream Combat. These are my thoughts on it; BW will post hers up in here shortly.

    By and large, I am not a fan of banana-flavored supplements. Can't stand banana Laffy Taffy or anything remotely like it - the synthetic, so-called banana taste is nasty. Conversely, real banana cream pie is one of my favorite treats, on the rare occasions that I indulge in junk food.

    Bearing this in mind, I enjoyed the Combat flavor. It was authentic enough that there was no gross Laffy Taffy reminiscence, but a good creaminess instead. The flavor is not my favorite or the best I've had, but is still quite good, and, of the banana proteins I've tried, this is the best.

    The blend of various proteins ranging in absorption time provide Combat with a nice elongated release rate, which made it perfect for before bed. Additionally, though, it includes free-form BCAA and glutamine and hydrolysates, making it a good post-workout option as well.

    Two-scoops in 20oz water dissolved well, with a thin milky consistency that further lent itself to post-workout use. I do not like chugging a thick, heavy post-workout shake, or the sluggish, bloated feeling that can ellicit. Combat had none of those ill effects, but worked quite well all the way around after lifting.

    Through the entire month of use, I had a total of one shake contain clumps after shaking, and even those clumps disintegrated with a bit more shaking. Solubility ranks as the highest of any protein I've used to date, and I've used a lot. The fact that Combat contains casein and yet somehow doesn't clump like crazy was quite impressive to me.

    I used combat in a variety of ways - drinking it straight, mixing it with PB and freezing it, throwing it in with oatmeal and berries, making pancakes with it - all the normal protein concoction that swamp the recipe section redundantly.
    It held up well to freezing and was enjoyable as a frozen treat or mixed with cottage cheese. Cooking with it was a bit more tricky and not as good, though still acceptable; it's just that a Banana Cream protein brownie or panckake is a little weird for the palate.

    When comparing Combat to other, similar protein blends on the market, I'd stands above the majority of them, and is comparable in price as well if you shop around, which ultimately is a big factor when I choose of protein. The flexibility of the formula, it's solubility, the amount of servings per tub and price add up to make this a very viable option for those seeking a time release post-workout or pre-bed shake.

    Now we just need NP to carry it! (And Assault and Bullet Proof and Recon!)
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  2. awesome review resolve, I would love to try it!
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  3. Combat is a very light, smooth protein powder. It mixes very easily and provides a very subtle and satisfying banana flavor. There is no unusual aftertaste, rather the creamy banana lingers a little after drinking the supplement. The banana didn’t taste artificial either and like Resolve said, it wasn’t like Laffy-Taffy candy. It had a very delightful, subtle, sweet taste. I prefer Combat in milk because it enhances the creaminess, but it is still delicious in water. Frozen with some nuts, cocoa powder and stevia, Combat makes an incredible fudge-like treat!

    I enjoyed Banana Cream Combat thoroughly. It was great for anytime I had a sweet tooth and needed something to curb my desire for a real dessert. I would definitely buy this myself.

  4. Awesome guys, thanks for the follow up on the product.

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