Time off Battle Fuel Necessary?

  1. Time off Battle Fuel Necessary?

    Is taking a week off of Battle Fuel really necessary?? I have just finished my first bottle of battle fuel and want to start my second now and skip the week off...why does it require a week off in btw. bottles. Is it the AA??

  2. We just found thats the dosing scheme that worked best for the majority of people. By taking the week off you give your body time to go back to its natural balance before you spike your testosterone again with the product. If you were to use it for six weeks straight its going to lose its effectiveness because your body will eventually fall back into homeostasis. If you are more or less using it just for the benefits of endurance and estrogen maintenance that you get from it then by all means you can just skip the week off, but to get the most out of the product utilize the week off.

  3. You could take 1-2- weeks off and take ZMA on those off days.
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by fightbackhxc View Post
    You could take 1-2- weeks off and take ZMA on those off days.
    That would be a viable solution for time off of Bullet Proof but it really isn't going to change your time off of Battle Fuel.

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