The Muscle Pharm UFC 98 PROMO!!

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    OK ladies and gents, as you may or may not know by now, MP is very much into the realm of MMA...and with 3(that's right 3!) of our fighters on the main card of tonight's UFC event, Rashad Evans, Dan Miller, and Frankie Edgar we figure it's only fitting that we run a little promo for you guys.

    HERE'S THE DEAL: Count how many MP logos you catch throughout the event tonight, winner will receive our KNOCKOUT STACK:
    Assault/Battle Fuel/Bullet Proof!! Pretty easy!!

    Once you find that logo in a certain place it is only counted as 1 logo.
    Banner (how many Logos)
    Hat (how many Logos)
    Shorts (how many Logos)
    Trainers Tshirts (how many..)

    Also the name by itself with out the MP on top of it counts as a logo, so if you only see Muscle Pharm without the MP then that counts as 1 logo as well.

    *All guesses or entries that take place BEFORE the event starts will NOT be counted, so don't try to cheat*

  2. Sweet, I'm in.
    "I would be proud to sport that body on the beach, or for a hot date." -Dsade commenting on my pics

  3. oh damn! i didnt even see this before the event... and i already erased it off my tivo

    ... i'm gonna be in my closet crying if anyone needs me...

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