Shred Matrix/Battle Fuel Stack Question

  1. Shred Matrix/Battle Fuel Stack Question

    I am currently taking RPM/Drive/Anabolic pump with about a week and a half left in my cycle (6 weeks). My next cycle is going to be Shred Matrix/Battle Fuel stack, for 42 days. Should, I take the cycles back to back or have a rest period between stacks??

  2. I would take a week or two off before starting the new cycle. Are you running the battle fuel for 6 weeks straight or are you doing two three week cycles with a one week break in between like suggest on the bottle?

  3. I am going to do it as suggested on the bottle.

  4. Cool, you can start the battle fuel right away if you wanted to but I would wait a week to let your stimulant tolerance go down a little bit before using the Shred.

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