"sealed for your protection"

  1. "sealed for your protection"

    Hey guys, I just got in today my 2nd tub of Combat.. you know the topper after you open the lid for the first time, that reads "sealed for your protection", Mine was already "opened" ... it was kind of pressed downward on one side.. my brother got in a tub too with the same pushed down seal thingy..
    BOTH tubs had the plastic wrap around the lid still intact, so we took off the plastic, unscrewed the lid, and the protective foam thingy was pushed down in both- each from BB's store..
    Not a problem right? I've tasted it and found it delicious, just asking if you know what happened or could have happened? The plastic ring around the lid was still there so I'm assuming it wasn't opened before.

  2. If the plastic was still intact outside of container then it was not tampered with or anything like that, just a bad seal on the foam. I will pass the information onto the boss that some of the containers may be having this problem, thanks.
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