Prepare for War: Final Review of Assault and Bullet Proof

  1. Prepare for War: Final Review of Assault and Bullet Proof

    Here is my log to the products:::

    Prepare for War: Assault and Bulletproof Log


    Effectiveness: 7/10

    Overall I would give this product a B rating.

    Note: The goal of this review is to show no bias, although I do thank Muscle Pharm for letting me log these products.

    I felt like Assault was pretty much comparable to other preworkout supplements I have taken in the past. The product showcased great focus, good endurance, and absolutely no strung out feeling. I think the thing that sets apart Assault for other preworkout supplements was its smooth, great flavor.

    Would I purchase Assault????
    -I would purchase Assault if budget was not an issue. I think its a little overpriced. If its on sale or you have the money GO FOR IT!

    If you have any questions about Assault please feel free to PM me or post to this thread.


    Mixability: 9/10
    Effectiveness 10/10

    This product gets an A rating in my book.

    If you have trouble sleeping or waking up frequently, I would strongly suggest purchasing bulletproof. I have not used all of MP's products, but if I had to make an assumption I would say that Bulletproof is probably one of their best products. I would take this before bed, and I would stay sleeping all night. Sleep was very deep, and sometimes I wouldnt even remember feeling sleepy I would just get knocked out! The taste is pretty decent but don't judge it by how it smells! The smell is pretty terrible I will not lie about that.

    Would I buy this product?

    Any questions? Feel Free to PM ME!

  2. Excellent review. What flavour of assault was it? I thought Blue Raspberry was delicious, a 9.5/10 in my books. There's so much sugar in there how could I not give it high marks

  3. So much sugar??
    There is only 1g of sugar boss....

    Thanks for the reviews bud!
    Muscle Pharm Rep

  4. I had the Blue Raspberry as well. It was a different taste for Blue Raspberry IMO. Kinda tasted like Cotton Candy haha. But nevertheless, a great tasting product!

  5. you really thought bulletproof mixed better than assault?

  6. Yes sir, inevitably at the end of thoroughly shaking my shaker cup there would be a medium size chunk of Assault just chillin at the bottle of my cup. My bulletproof mixed pretty good, maybe a little grit at the end but nowhere near the amount I had sometimes with the assault. There is so much powder in the servings that it just sinks to the bottom.

    Did you have a different outcome?


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