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  1. When I decided that I would not look the way I wanted to by the Arnold and that I would rather slow it down for a photo shoot 4 weeks after I upped my scoops. I would rather have fat on me and keep muscle and lean out for the photos.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by pmiller383 View Post
    for the second shake try using just one scoop and see if that reduces the problem
    will do. i had wanted to go to 3 shakes a day, on a bulk right now, still have 10lbs to go to goal.

  3. Just tasted my Triple Berry and I really liked it. It mixed within seconds in plain water with a spoon. Taste is not too sweet- something I didn't expect due to the very sweet smell of the powder-- but a definite plus in my book. I thought it was really cool how the white powder turns to pink liquid in water :P
    The shake itself is exceptionally easy to drink: no clumps of any kind, and the BEST part IMHO is that the shake isn't "thick" like all the other proteins i've tried. I have trouble drinking really thick shakes but this one kept the water consistancy for the most part.. Very impressed, not only with the ingredients, the drink, and the flavor, but also the Tub that it came in is very cool/marketable.. I will definately reccomend this to all my friends.
    PS thanks for the calender

  4. Well I have recieved a few compliments on the mass I have at the Arnold. So the protein has helped keep muscle while staying lean! All in all its an awesome protein!!

  5. awesome Christine
    Muscle Pharm Rep

  6. thats real silver on the labels

    im very pleased with combat as well, considering the micellar casein which is usually not that pleasant.


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