Muscle Pharm Adds Greg Jackson to the Arsenal

  1. Muscle Pharm Adds Greg Jackson to the Arsenal

    We are very excited of the addition of Greg Jackson to our advisory board and the addition of the # 1 Fight School Jackson's Martial Arts.

    Muscle Pharm will be the exclusive supplement supplier to the #1 Fight gym Jackson's Mixed Martial Arts: This Fight Gym includes the following fighters:
    George St. Pierre
    Rashad Evans
    Roger Huerta
    Shane Carwin
    David Loiseau
    Greg Jackson's Mixed Martial Arts - Home
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  2. That is really awesome. Congrats guys!

  3. congrates bro.

  4. thats HUGE!!

    I think he's also got Kieth Jardine training there, and helped bring Diego Sanchez to prominence.


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