Multi Level Fat Loss System

    Complete Fat Loss System
    Eliminates Sugar and Sweet Cravings
    Appetite control Matrix
    Increase in Lean Muscle Tissue
    Reduces Absorption of Sugar and Bad Carbohydrates

    What Is Shred Matrix?
    Shred Matrix is a complete Fat Loss System product that will crush sugar cravings, keep water retention to a minimum, & suppress appetite while you are dieting helping giving you the correct amount of energy to reach your goals

    How should I take Shred Matrix?
    I would suggest taking 1 Shred Matrix pack either 30 minutes prior to breakfast on or before you workout. For advanced use: Take 1 pack 30 minutes prior to breakfast on and a 2nd pack 30 minutes before lunch or before your workout. Gradually work your way up to 2 packs a day. Make sure you visit to get free tips and diets, to help you achieve unreal results & lose that unwanted fat.

    **If sensitive to stimulants take 1 pack per day.
    **Drink a minimum of 1 gallon of water per day while on Shred Matrix.

    Won't the fat come right back!
    It could, however, Shred Matrix advanced formula gives you a way to live life so that your insulin will stay stable & cravings will be cured, which will lower your body fat & keep those cuts nice and DEEP. Shred Matrix will help aide & fend off fat gain all while keeping energy extremely high.

    I actually took two packets right off the start. I’ve been pretty abusive to stims and I knew that they wouldn’t have that much of an effect on me. Well, my first dose was on an empty stomach and I gave it a good thirty minutes before breakfast (and yes, I watched the clock). Sure enough, even on nights that I got six hours of sleep… I could feel this kicking in. It wasn’t like I just did four shots of Jamaican Espresso, but a gradual but steady flow of clean energy.

    I did drink the minimum of one gallon of water a day and trust me; I’ve been doing this for months (means great bladder control). I was amazed that my body didn’t have that soft bloated look of holding water. Also, Shred Matrix didn’t leaving me with that cotton mouth feeling that some thermo/weight lose supplements give you.

    FIRST TIME I’VE REALLY BEEN ABLE TO SEE THOSE ABS! (look at the pic in the 11 days post)

    Will Shred Matrix help me preserve muscle mass also?
    The primary focus of our formula is to burn FAT without cannibalizing the muscle. This will allow your muscles a harder, leaner, and fuller look and also allow you to continue to gain strength unlike the majority of fat loss products.

    Granted I did do a stack with Battle Fuel and that can assist with the harder, leaner, and fuller looking muscles…. but, I’ll tell you what…even during the 7 full days were I went extremely low cal, low fat, low carb… I still was able to push through with my workouts.

    Is Shred Matrix a so-called “thermogenic”?
    Yes, our in-depth cutting edge formula increases the body's rate of adipose metabolism; meaning this process of energy consumption generates secondary heat (thermo genesis) that raises the body's temperature resulting in you burning more fat!!

    Typically I would feel this about an hour or so after taken Shred. There really wasn’t that excessive sweating feeling, but rather that “doesn’t it feel warm in here”. With this feeling, I knew that the product was working as designed almost two hours after the first dose.

    Is that Safe?
    While raising the body's temperature in maximizing lipolysis,
    Shred Matrix does not surpass un-safe levels of body heat.

    Does Shred Matrix need to be cycled?
    To get optimal results use Shred Matrix up to 2 packs per day 30 minute before breakfast & 30 minutes prior to lunch for 8-12 weeks then take 2 weeks off. This will allow the body to readapt and adjust to the formula again, re-shocking the body and taking your fat loss to another level!

    Is Shred Matrix hormonal?
    No, it is not 'hormonal', however it does introduce the correct environment to keep all hormone’s in line for total fat burning to occur at a fast & effective rate. Hormones play an important role in fat loss and we need to sustain the correct environment with MP products, diet, & intensity.
    I have to agree 100% with the last sentence. When taken MP product(s) (Shred Matrix) and the combo of my diet & intensity (workouts say it all), they’ve helped me to achieve something I haven’t seen in almost 15 years… that 12.7% BF!

    Also, I’ve been in the best mood during this run. You know those days were you just feel like you can take on the world…

    What is Sugar Stop, and does it actually work?
    Sugar Stop is a blend of clinically proven ingredients that naturally help balance insulin and blood sugar levels. In addition, certain ingredients in the Sugar Stop will actually result in foods of sweet nature to taste very bland and almost tasteless. Eventually you will no longer desire these high calorie sweets that will greatly help you stay committed to your diet like never before.

    My daughter had Reese’s Cups and Butter Fingers candy from Halloween. Two of my major weaknesses. She kept asking me “Daddy do you want one?”…. I can honestly say I haven’t had a piece of candy or any sweets since I started Shred. I only have a few days left, but I will include this in my next major cut this spring!

    Does Shred Matrix stack well with other products?
    Shred Matrix can be combined with other Muscle Pharm products such as Bullet Proof, Battle Fuel, and Assault to produce amazing results. We pride ourselves at Muscle Pharm by making top of the line supplements to help you achieve your desired results.. For advice on stacking Muscle Pharm products please visit our forums at

    Are there any special diet requirements with Shred Matrix?
    Shred Matrix works best in conjunction with a moderate calorie deficit to maximize fat-loss and spare muscle. We at Muscle Pharm take pride & making sure all of our clients have the correct info to be successful that make us different.

    Have been doing the Anabolic Diet for 60 days now and I have to say… the last 30 with Shred and AD has been amazing. Puts your body in a state of fat burning while building muscle… that I can’t even explain.

    Would you recommend Shred Matrix on a very low carbohydrate diet then?
    Yes, Shred Matrix is perfect for pretty much any type of fat loss program especially a low carbohydrate diet. Shred Matrix was developed as 1 stop shop Fat Loss System for whatever your need is.

    Can Shred Matrix be taking before workouts that are late in the day?
    Shred Matrix contains caffeine therefore it may affect your sleep patterns if taken within 6 hours of going to bed. We recommend dosing early in day to avoid any sleep disturbances, Muscle Pharm’s Bullet Proof can also be taken before bed to help with sleep and recovery while using Shred Matrix .

    Are you sure this isn't a knock off the already saturated caffeine products on the market?

    Shred Matrix is truly a first of its kind, revolutionary in its approach. The majority of the 25 clinically proven ingredients have never before been used in this advanced form and combination. This approach will guarantee a one of a kind Fat Loss System that no other weight loss supplement on the market can match.

    SHRED MATRIX takes this idea to the highest levels by not only combining specific ingredients but entire formulas. It's multi-pathway ingredient matrix will attack fat loss from every angle for the quickest and most efficient results, resulting in a shredded physique!

    Any type of workout program that works best with Shred Matrix?
    Any type of workout will increase the benefits of Shred Matrix. I would definitely suggest some type of cardio at least 3-4 times a week to achieve maximum results.

    I did some crazy workouts and I tried to do cardio four days a week… but we all know that it’s hard to do. Even with the two-three cardio’s per week, I was still able to burn some serious fat while increasing my strength.

    Is it safe for women to take?
    Yes it is safe for women. I would suggest a lower dosage, 1 pack per day and gradually work up 2 packs if necessary.

    Overall, these products (as all MP products) do exactly what they claim. I seriously thought about getting two more tubs, but I think the Assault/Battle Fuel/Combat Stack is calling my name. I’ve made some awesome changes to my body over the past 60 days using all the Muscle Pharm Products.. and I have to say you guys have truly won me over!

    It’s been a true pleasure to run/log these products for you guys and want to thank the whole Crew at MP. Top notch team and look forward to all the future products that you guys have to offer.

    MP’s booth will be the first I visit at the Arnie and look forward to meeting all of you!
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  2. Again, steller review.
    Muscle Pharm Rep

  3. Awesome review man. This Shred Matrix is exceeding my expectations by far already.

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