Increases Natural Testosterone Output
    Lowers and Eliminates Estrogen
    Amplifies the Anabolic Response to Training
    Enhances Recovery
    Promotes Vigor and Energy
    Cleanses the Internal Organs for

    What is Battle Fuel?
    Battle Fuel is Muscle Pharm's advanced Testosterone Boosting and Performance
    enhancing supplement. The ingredients in Battle Fuel will not only increase
    your body's natural production of Testosterone but it will also keep your
    estrogen at an optimal level and free up the circulating testosterone in
    your body.

    Why is Battle Fuel better than other Testosterone Boosters?
    The problem with most Testosterone boosters is that they either trigger an
    enzyme in your body called Aromatase, which converts androgens into estrogen
    or the extra Testosterone becomes useless due to SHGB. The body is
    constantly trying to maintain a balance between Testosterone and Estrogen
    and unfortunately for us when Testosterone is high estrogen is produced by
    when estrogen is high Testosterone does not increase. The estrogen
    suppression matrix in Battle Fuel work by not only suppressing the
    conversion of Testosterone into estrogen, but it also helps metabolism the
    estrogen into a form that does not affect Testosterone or have any negative
    side effects on males. Finally the ingredients in Battle Fuel have been
    proven to conteract a specialized protein in the body called
    Sex-Binding-Hormone-Globulin (SHGB). When SHGB attaches itself to a
    Testosterone molecule it renders the Testosterone useless because it can no
    longer fit into androgen receptors in the body. The ingredients in Battle
    Fuel reduce the amount of SHGB in the body which results in more available
    testosterone for your body to use.

    How should I use Battle Fuel?
    To get the maximum benefits from Battle Fuel we recommend taking 1 pack per
    day for 21 days. After the 21 days you should cycle off for one week and
    then use Battle Fuel for an additional 21 days. When taken 30 minutes before
    a workout on an empty stomach Battle Fuel will increase strength, increase
    energy, and enhance recovery. On off days Battle Fuel should be dosed on an
    empty stomach 30 minutes before your first meal of the day.

    Well, my dosing time was a little different than whatís recommended... but I have to say that I had some awesome results. I typically workout during the week from 8:40PM-10:00PM. Saturday and Sunday around 2:00pm-3:00pm. With that being said, I would take my dose of Battle Fuel about an hour after dinner (around 6:30) during the week and 30 minutes before workout on the weekends) Since my body is pretty much ďstimmed-outĒ, I think I felt the RAW power of what Battle Fuel had to offer. By that I mean, the pure agression and not that ďIím going to rip someoneís head offĒ When I went to the gym, it was straight focus, job to be done, and lets make this happen. Typically I feel that way, but these past 21 days were a little different. I starting moving some serious weight (at least for me) after the first week. Set several personal records, which is always very important! This product has also allowed me to push my self beyond what some thought were a weekly progress for (triís, chest...etc). Meaning they thought it was a week-by-week of increase in weight and actually was me doing more sets and reps! Gotta love that!

    Granted, my workouts have really been ďoutside of the boxĒ so to say and very unlike what Iím used to, but damn if the combo of Muscle Pharm products and crazy ass workouts (which those products allow me to perform) have taken my body to a whole new level.

    On off days, I would dose this... as planned (in the morning)

    What are the benefits of Battle Fuel?
    Battle Fuel is nature's anabolic pack. The Benefits are: increased lean
    muscle mass, dramatic strength and muscle endurance and energy, helps
    cleanse the organs, helping to create the optimal internal environment for
    maximum muscle hypertrophy and wicked gains in strength and power!

    All I have to say here is ... PRís and/or... see above comments!

    Can I take Battle Fuel at night?
    Battle Fuel contains caffeine; therefore it should not be taken with 6 hours
    before bed.

    Can I use Battle Fuel as part of my post cycle therapy?

    Yes, Battle Fuel is a perfect product for PCT. The goals of a PCT are to
    restart your bodyís natural product of hormones, prevent high levels of
    hormone such as estrogen and prolactin, detoxify your liver and other
    internal organs, and of course keep your gains. The ingredients in Battle
    Fuel addresses all of the goals of a PCT and will allow you to recovery from
    your cycle and keep your gains.

    I have a lot of goodies laying around that I may actually have to put this to the test as a PCT. If I take this route, it would have to be the 21 days on, 1 week off, then 21 days on. I think that would be one hell of a way to maintain gains during PCT.

    Can a drug free athlete benefit from using Battle Fuel?
    Yes, Battle Fuel can help anyone increase their free testosterone levels
    which will positively influence your size, strength, and speed. Battle Fuels
    also includes Arasyn which is a key nutrient for maximum muscle and strength

    What is Arasyn?
    Arasyn is and special fatty acid called Arachidonic acid (AA) . AA is stored
    in your muscles and is released upon resistance training, when AA is
    released it acts as a secondary messenger to trigger prostaglandins which
    then trigger inflammation in your muscle. This influence causes your body to
    rebuild the muscle and make it bigger and stronger so that it can handle
    future training. AA is responsible for the soreness that you feel when
    doing a new exercise or beginning a training routine because it is stored up
    in the muscles that were previously unused. AA is also known as an essential
    fatty acid because the human body has a very limited capacity to synthesize
    or produce AA on its own. AA is commonly found in very fatty meats and
    other foods such as eggs in low concentrations, which makes supplementation
    of AA a very good ideal for athletes who have strict diets.

    Can Battle Fuel be stack with other Muscle Pharm products?

    Yes, Battle Fuel can be stack with all of our products to accommodate your
    goals and training. For people trying to lose weight Battle Fuel can be
    stacked with Shred Matrix and a reduced calorie diet which will not only
    cause your body to burn fat but also retain muscle while getting shredded.
    For people looking for better workouts and gains in muscle and strength,
    Battle Fuel can be stacked with ourpre-workout sensation, Assault, which
    will give you amazing workouts like you never had before. For people looking
    for advanced recovery from training Battle Fuel can be stacked with our
    nighttime formula, Bullet Proof, which will allow you to recover quicker and
    more efficiently than ever before.

    If youíve been following the log, you know that Iíve been stacking this with Shred Matrix (another awesome product), and Bullet Proof (previous review says it all). This is a great stack for anyone wanting to get lean, rest well and push some serious weight in the gym. Iíve said this before and Iíll say it again, Iíve tried so many damn products in my life and Muscle Pharm has seriously put together one hell of a product line. Canít wait to see whatís in the works for 2009 (Hint... Combat)
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