Favorite Movie

  1. Favorite Movie

    What's your favorite movie of all time? What is the one film that you can't go without?

  2. Step brothers!!!
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  3. StepBrothers is a great movie! Man I laughed so hard watching that film. Will Ferrell
    is hilarious man! Great movie choice for sure. I think you can really put that up
    there as one of the best comedy's of all time! Man that was a good one

  4. Another great movie I saw was Pride with Terrance Howard and Bernie Mac. This movie was about
    a young african-american swimmer in college who struggled to get a job and ends up coaching an
    inner-city team on how to swim. They end up winning the championship and win in life too.
    great movie

  5. I love love love the Bourne series! I have the trilogy with Matt Damon but not the new one. I want to get Ted, which came out yesterday. That was the best comedy all year!

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  6. Rocky 4


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