American Iso samples available?

  1. American Iso samples available?

    Is there any way I could order a few samples of the most popular flavors of your American Iso product? I noticed that it seems to be pretty popular with a few of the posters on here, but I have purchased 3 different tubs of protein during the past year from other manufacturers without trying them first, and now they're just sitting around because they taste like crap. So I'm always wary to purchase an entire tub of a protein product I've never tasted, LOL.


  2. Sorry -- I actually meant to write "Pure Isolate" instead of "American Isolate."

  3. Yes we have samples avail. on our website. Check us out wwwDOTMGNSTOREDOTCOM

  4. Were you able to find the samples? We have them on our website for $6.00 its a great deal. You will get
    a variety pack full of different flavors. Let me know if you need any other help with our website we have
    some great products on there especially pre-workouts and vitamins too.

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