Tony Romo....The Meltdown Continues.

  1. Thumbs up Tony Romo....The Meltdown Continues.


    Easy Target

    "As long as Cowboys QB Tony Romo keeps having fourth-quarter meltdowns, he'll be dogged by negative perceptions"

    Say what you want, but this guy always seems to find a way to screw it up in the 4th!!! Let's not even bring up how this all started....Im sure you all remember this "magical" Tony Romo play BEFORE he was even a starting QB! He is SURROUDED by Pro-Bowlers.What more does Dallas need???

  2. Maybe he just has a slew of bad luck.
    ~ Nothing can kill the Grimace!!


  3. A "Slew" Would be an understatement...He def has a lot of "bad luck" and often!

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