X-Factor Stacked with MS Mass FX

  1. X-Factor Stacked with MS Mass FX

    i tried searching, but couldn't find anything spot-on.

    would real good strength/mass gains be obtainable by stacking these two?

    anyone have experience of doing so?

  2. Yes it is a very good stack, and many have used these together. Top notch choice for good gains

  3. I know this is an old post but in case someone searches later, I'll add this in.

    I am currently doing X-Factor (3 bottles @ 1500mg/d)/Maximum strength MassFX/HyperdrolX2. I am just through my first bottle of X-Factor (3 weeks in). I'll post up results at the end of the cycle. Hopefully this will be very synergistic.

    On a side note, this is my 4th cycle of x-factor, so I'm already sold on the benefits of XF.

  4. Cool! Can't wait to hear from ya!!!

  5. Shatter good luck your cycle. I'm thinking about doing a cycle like that too.



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