X-factor Stacks????

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  1. X-factor Stacks????

    Im trying to bulk and wana use X-factor. Im think of stacking it with DRIVE, but i dont know what supplements work best with it. Monetarily i have about 100-130 dollars to spend on 6-8 weeks. I have also the basics and was just wondering what best works with it to put on solid muscle.


  2. The x-factor/drive/rpm combo is a really solid one, as there are some body chemistry synergies involved. If you are looking for mass gains and less so recomp (what i'm guessing from the pics + stats) then maybe x-factor/mass FX is a little bit better bet. especially since you are 19 if I remember right, so a little bit limited on some things, and likely to not get much effect from natural test boosters

  3. Yeah i just dont know if i could run a mass fx/ x factor stack for 6-8 weeks. (more than 100-130 dollars)

  4. still could just do the x-factor for its 50 days (7 weeks) and use the massfx for the first 4 as it kicks in fast, but x-factor takes time (you don't usually get results from xfactor first 3 weeks)

  5. so how should i run the x-factor? Do i need a loading phase? im 220 and wana run it for the 50 days

  6. my feeling would be to buy

    http://www.nutraplanet.com/product/n...500-grams.html for $70


    http://www.nutraplanet.com/product/a...-120-caps.html for $50.

    So thats $120. then take the bulk x-factor as 10g a day, and start with the massfx day 1. X-factor takes 20+ days before it is fully kicked in at the normal dosing. Seems to kick in faster if you raise the dose, but that would mean adding to cost by buying a bottle of xfactor to run on top. I'm running x-factor capsules right now at 1250mg of AA a day (the bulk or normal cap dosage give you 1000mg) for 60 days so it uses 3 bottles, or 1 bulk + 1 bottle.

  7. will the mass fx yield good results off of one bottle and is the AA at the 10 grams enough for someone who is 220?

  8. i'd think its enough AA, as haven't really noticed anyone mentioning its dosage being very weight dependent, but i'm not sure. I think 4 lbs in the month on massfx isn't unreasonable for the single bottle, and another 4 the x-factor. but it is hard to guess. we'll see what anyone else says tomorrow

  9. yeah those would be great results, but the bottle of mass only lasts like 30 days?

  10. I recall seeing some people doing a good 3-4 lbs in gains from a single bottle of the old formula.

    Hard to say for you tho, as you are nearer to natural limits than most guys here I think

  11. yeah that does suck, but u can always push the limits. I wana pull 600 on dead and run a 4.75 40 by august and hopefully that combo will help. Ill prob run the combo twice with a big break in between.

  12. what about replacing the mass fx with powerFULL. Would powerful be a better supplement with x factor?

  13. its a good supplement, not sure about mass gains with it tho. nice recovery with it, thats for sure.

  14. what cant x factor be used in conjunction with??

  15. sesasmin or fish oil is all I can think of. really there isn't much supplement wise that relies on them. Outside of that, any other anti-inflammatory. Works synergistically with many other supps as it has a different mode of action

  16. Can x factor or mass fx cause gyno or make it worse? i have some from puberty and i would like it to go away and definitely not get worse.

  17. I am also wanting to run bulk AA to gain back some mass after I finish my current cut. I was thinking about using it with 2 bottles of Trib Test Hardcore at 4 caps/day for 50 days, $60 at Nutra prices.
    I also have read information about it being beneficial to run a creatine product alongside AA. I think it was due to the increase in absorption to the muscle caused by AA induced inflamation? I think Forslean would be great to add too though, or maybe some Phospatidyl Serine?
    I am interested in knowing what you decide and how it goes.

  18. i decided on running a hyperdrol mass fx and retain stack with creatine mono AAKG and a bunch of other goodies for eight weeks. i got a log up to. im prob gonna run a x factor and mass fx stack next though.

  19. Cool. I will check it out for sure. Are you using the new version of MAss Fx?
    Another stack I am thinking of is AA + Forskolin for the first three weeks, then Mass Fx Hardcore + AA for the next 4.

  20. yeah im using the new version. I hear though that AA is best when taken for 50 days cause it takes a while to kick in.

  21. yes, at 1g a day (4 caps) it definitely is best to go at least that long. higher doses kick in faster, so its maybe ok to go shorter.

  22. how about xfactor on a cut

  23. Quote Originally Posted by freezito View Post
    how about xfactor on a cut
    I have been using X-factor while dieting, and seem to be having good results.

    Strength is still creeping up, which for me in a cal deficit is very good.

  24. seems ok all the way around. I've used it mostly in recomps + cuts, right now am using it on a bulk

  25. Quote Originally Posted by freezito View Post
    how about xfactor on a cut
    I am using it right now on my cut and I love it. Only thing is the appetite stimulation which is really tough to combat.


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