Which nuts on X-Factor??

  1. Which nuts on X-Factor??

    Omega 3 - LifeSource Nutrition

    This website has a list of Omega 3 content of different nuts. Is the compatibility with X-factor based solely on Omega 3s? I eat a lot of almonds and peanuts. These have little/no omega 3, but are they ok?

  2. Mm

    Muscle milk also has canola oil, which has a good amount of omega 3, so is this ok?

  3. Both are relatively high in Omega6. You're correct about the Walnuts. Walnuts contain a ridiculously high amount of Omega 3/6 (3/11 respectively).

    I would eat both in moderation. I do know that the EFAs are somewhat destroyed during the process of making peanut butter.

    all-in-all it's about how much you take in. Key word would be "MODERATION"

    This same mentality goes for the canola oil in MM.
  4. omega 6

    so avoid omega 6 as well?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by srx600 View Post
    so avoid omega 6 as well?
    You don't need to avoid anything..... If I were you I'd eat as usual and simply not supplement with EFAs/fish oils/CLA/etc....

    The rules on diet have become more and more lenient as time has passed.



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