The ultimate feedback thread!

  1. The ultimate feedback thread!

    Here we go, I'd like to build this thing up! Anyone who has good-bad feedback please post. This will be a sticky, so please restrict all other comments so anyone who wants feedback doesn't have to go through tons of posts. Thanks in advance.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by jjohn View Post
    Here we go, I'd like to build this thing up! Anyone who has good-bad feedback please post. This will be a sticky, so please restrict all other comments so anyone who wants feedback doesn't have to go through tons of posts. Thanks in advance.
    I noticed DOMS after 8-10days @ 2 gels/ED which was exactly what X-Factor claimed.

    I also had increasingly bad headaches around that time. Other than that there was no other complaints.

  3. I used 2 cycles of it. I experienced moderate doms, increased appetite and no negative sides to speak of. Muscle gain was minimum.

    Personally I dont like the idea of taking something to increase inflammation, albeit for a short period of time, and therefor choose to not use the product anymore.


  4. Disappointed.

    Slight strength increases, not really doms...0 fat loss, 0 weight gain.. my weight didn't change at all.

    My mate gained 1.5kgs.. and alot of fat while on it..

    My other mate came 3rd at nationals... huge strength increase, no weight gain tho.

    Overall, I expected more from all the reviews.. my training is very good and my diet is fairly decent, the same diet on hyperdrol+white blood, I gained 3kgs or so of muscle.

    Just didnt work for me.. I might give it another run, but i did get an injury while on it, and im not willing to risk another injury.

  5. My very first cycle, in early 2005 before becoming affiliated with MN, back when the labels were just straight ugly and you needed 3 bottles, I gained a very good amount of lean mass. I believe it came in to be around 10 lbs in 50 days. Quite good considering my strength shot through the roof and I lost a nice amount of fat without dieting. It was a sponsored log that MN ran involving something like 50 people. I kept it on this forum and So, it's out there for anyone who wants to search it up.
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  6. Quote Originally Posted by Aeternitatis View Post
    My very first cycle, in early 2005 before becoming affiliated with MN, back when the labels were just straight ugly and you needed 3 bottles, I gained a very good amount of lean mass. I believe it came in to be around 10 lbs in 50 days. Quite good considering my strength shot through the roof and I lost a nice amount of fat without dieting.
    alot of new designers would barely give you those gains bro, and the fact your not messing with your hormones has sold me on it.

  7. Gymrat5713:
    Well sense no one is givin u any feedback might as well. I went 60 days and gained about 6lbs. Didn't check my bf% but by the looks of it an what other people say I lost fat while gainin muscle, so that should be lean muscle.

  8. Eightpak:
    About 5 lbs

    3lbs here. i think ill have better results with 1250mg for 40 days this go around when i finally start.

  9. LSH Chapain (
    I ran it about 1.5 yrs ago and gained (est.) 5 lbs lean mass. Noticed a definate hardening effect and gradual strength increases. no headaches (common complaint) and increased DOMS.

    I'd use it again...if the price we're right (hint, hint, Bill...hook a brotha up )

    ...I wish every company would only produce supps that has actual value to a bodybuilder instead of jumping on every fad to come along...

  10. Hey john here's some feedback for X-Factor.
    Thanks agian!


    X-Factor run was a weird one. Ive read a lot about negatives of X-Factor and near the beginning of the cycle I became a little paranoid. I can assure you that after 50 days I feel fine. I would avoid going beyond 50 days unless you know what your doing. The gains on X-Factor and Drive were amazing. The combination is superb. Towards the beginning of the cycle I gained about 3 pounds after about 20 days. The rest of the way I managed to pull out 6. DOMS or Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness was heavy. Some days it was there some days it wasnt. It was a great indicator on how my workout affected me the day before and it helps you learn much about your body.


    DOMS is pretty heavy on X-Factor. I noticed some increased DOMS within the first 2 weeks. I won't say that it's technically AWESOME but it is a great indication of your workouts the day before. I think 1 cycle of X-Factor is a great way to help pinpoint your workouts in what works and what doesnt work well for you. The DOMS pain is pretty heavy however. Be aware to wake up feeling like your legs were cut off.


    An increase in strength was noticed with X-Factor. A slight 5-10 pound boost depending on the exercise was noted. Drive and X-Factor helped me work on my deadlifts. I attribute the huge increase in deaflift weight due to the help I recieved at my gym. The guys LOVE deadlifts and I got pushed into doing some heavy lifting. It was great. Although the strength gains do not compare to a hormonal cycle, they are reasonable and they are also cheap. Hormonal cycles may run up 200+ while bulk X-Factor and Drive will be under 200.

    Side Effects

    This rating will be noticed in how I noticed sides. I did notice joint pain pretty early on in cycle. I would say as close as day 10. I noticed increase in oily skin and acne as well. I got a HUGE pimple on my nose that I was pretty embarassed about. I looked like rudolph the red nose reindeer. Anyway The sides werent THAT harsh. I took some Incarnate to help with the joint pain and I dealt with the acne and oily skin. Overall decent sides nothing I cant bare with. I would still advise going over 50 days for less experienced X-Factor users. I noticed the sides came in more when the X-Factor kicked in.


    Ill be uploading pictures tonight. I need my brother around so he can get some decent shots. Anyway I would like to thank Dirk and John for this opportunity. It was a great way to work with them and Id love to continue if I could. I was told to keep on going however I do feel that the 50 day on direction was meant for safety and effectiveness. I look forward to running the cycle agian some day. Overall I DO think that this cycle is worth the money. If you can get your hands on the cash then by all means. Bulk X-Factor is 70. while Drive is 35 on Nutraplanet. 2 bottles of Drive and X-Factor would run up to be about 140 dollars. Decent price. You guys can look forward to my Drive log that will be extended. X-Factor will be taken out however to keep the effectiveness going and to make sure that safety comes first. Thank you everyone for your time. Hope this log was some what of a help to you. If you have any questions feel free to ask.Pics below. Top pic before bottom pic after.


  11. DBC5:
    X-Factor/P-Slin Stack
    Final Review

    Measurement Gains

    Weight: 192.5lbs---->195lbs (+2.5lbs)
    Arms: 15.625"---->15.625" (no change)
    Chest: 41.25"---->41.5"(+.25")
    Shoulders: 48.25"---->48.625"(+.5")
    Waist: 32.5"---->32.25"(-.25")
    Calves: 15.5"---->15.625"(+.125")
    Thighs: 24.5"---->24.5"(no change)
    Forearms: 13.25"---->13.375"(+.125")
    *Overall i was happy, but not blown away by these measurements. When I started this stack, i was struggling with weight loss. That trend continued for about the first 3 weeks of this log. At about the 4th week into the stack, I started gaining weight again. I still am not sure what was going on with the weight loss, becuase it didnt seem to matter how much food i added each week, the weight was still coming off. I cant say for sure whether it was the stack that helped me get over the weight plateau or not. In the last four weeks of this log, I was able to put on 4.75lbs, which is impressive. I feel like the weight loss issue took away from truely seeing what this stack could have provided where growth is concerned. One thing I was shocked by was that I lost .25" in my waist while still putting on some solid weight. That didnt happen when I ran P-Slin on its own.

    Strength Gains

    Bench Press: 225lbs 4reps---->235lbs 6reps
    Alt Dumbell Shoulder Presses: 50lbs 8reps---->55lbs 7reps
    Shoulder Press Machine: 105lbs 6reps---->115lbs 6reps
    EZ Bar Curls: 85lbs 8reps---->95lbs 8reps
    Close Grip Bench Press: 175lbs 6reps---->185lbs 7reps
    *Strength gains are what I was most happy with about this stack. I hit a new PR for every muscle group, even legs which was surprising since I struggled with knee pain throughout the log. The numbers that I posted are just a few examples of the more impressive strength gains I made. I was most excited about the great gains I made in bench press. I hadnt gained much in bench for awhile, so that was great. All around, i was thrilled with the strength I gained with this stack.

    X-Factor Thoughts: I was really happy with my cycle of X-Factor in regards to strength. I had never used X-Factor before, but I had used P-Slin on its own. During my previous P-Slin experience, I didnt notice anything near the strength gains I made during this log, so I can say with a fair amount of confidence that the strength gains I made were due in large part to X-Factor. Unfortunately, i feel like the weight loss issue I was having before this log and during the start of it hindered my chance of really seeing the growth benefits of X-Factor. The strength gains were great and I was also very pleased that once I did start gaining weight, I lost in the waist at the same time. All things considered, I was impressed with X-Factor.

    P-Slin Thoughts: This was not my first experience with P-Slin. I had used it before with pretty solid results. P-Slin provides me with two benefits that I really like, endurance and pumps. The added endurance allows me to push harder in the gym by cutting down rest times and possibly throwing in some extra ab work or cardio at the end of my session. The pumps are a great added bonus. However, if pumps were all this product gave me, than I wouldnt like it as much. For me, a pump is a confidence booster that I am not willing to spend extra money for if it doesnt directly benefit my bodybuilding goals. However, the added endurance from P-Slin directly increases my workout intensity. In my previous P-Slin experience (before this log), I didnt notice much as far as decreased soreness, instead feeling the same amount of soreness I would normally get without P-Slin. During this log, i didnt notice any increased DOMS from X-F like some people speak of, but i did experience the same soreness I would usually expect. I cant really say that P-Slin was responsible for me not getting extra DOMS from X-F, just because it didnt really have an effect in that department in my previous experience. Still, i love P-Slin for its endurance and pump effects.

    Side Effects: I thought it would be worthwhile to mention that I experience none of the side effects that many people get during a cycle of X-Factor. There were no increased DOMS and no joint soreness. I also didnt get any increased acne. All around, I was happy to experience none of these negative aspects.

    Would I Purchase Again: The ultimate test of a supplement is whether I would purchase it again. The answer for both of these supplements is yes. X-Factor is extremely costly, which makes it difficult to purchase too often. However, I definitely loved the strength gains I made with it and would like to run a cycle sometime when I'm not dealing with weight loss issues. P-Slin is something that I already have a decent store of, mainly because I won a few free bottles of it. However, it is something I will buy for times when I want to do intense training styles for certain periods of time. During short rest period style and superset style training is when I will use P-Slin in the future.

    Thoughts on Products as a Stack: All around I was thrilled with this stack and this log. Together, these products make for an excellent stack. X-Factor give you added strength while P-Slin allows you to push your gym experience harder, for longer. Pumps were excellent with these two products together also. All around, this was a great stack and something I would really recommend. Thank you to USPlabs and Molecular Nutrition for the tremendous opportunity and thanks to everyone who followed along.

  12. X Factor REVIEWS

    Quote Originally Posted by Aeternitatis View Post
    My first cycle of X-Factor was early last year before I started work for MN. It was what convinced me that they were a good company. The log is somewhere on the board, but essentially my results were:

    --40-50lb increase on 6 rep squat
    --30lb increase on bench (6-10 reps)
    --30lb increase on bent over row
    --12 pounds gained
    --un-measured decrease in bodyfat
    --no problems with sleep
    --great energy and focus

    My next cycle occurred later that year lasted about 35 days (I was cutting) and went something like:

    --dramatic strength increases on all lifts (sorry, didn't record numbers) though not as big as my first cycle
    --gained approx 7lbs
    --lost approx 5% bodyfat (yes, in 35 days)
    --mild-moderate sleep disturbance when coupled with caffeine
    --improvement in endurance (first time I noticed this)

    Since then I have done 2 short term experimental XF logs that really don't apply. They were done in such a way as to asses the possibility of varous side-effects.

    And of course, as is expected, I had some serious muscle soreness going on.

    BTW, I might be starting a long term X-Factor log soon. Plan to cycle for 75-100 days and possibly even do a high dose of 1250mg. We'll see. I've already sarted loading X-factor and will know if I'm going to do the log by this coming Monday. If you want, I can come back in and post a link to it when/if it's up.
    Quote Originally Posted by bodebldr2000 View Post
    in terms of weight gains? put on about 10lbs
    Strenght gains? increased pretty well, still going up to.
    fat loss? I was bulking, so i shot up to about 230lbs
    bulking or cutting? bulking
    at wht cal intake?ex 500 under maintance I was eating a bit over 4000cal
    You that have tryed it,please gather your results here

    I was very satisfied with XF. I believe, IMO, it is more of a "bodybuilders" supplement rather than for a power lifter. I got nice size and strength gains but honestly feel that if I were to have done a higher rep (bodybuilding) routine, I would have put on more size, but I am after strength this time around.
    Quote Originally Posted by Atman View Post
    I got about three weeks left in my cycle, and it's worked pretty well. Nothing incredible, but to be fair I completely fell off my diet and training schedule during the 2nd week because I was sick. And since this stuff has been working increasingly better the last week and a half, I'll probably be a satisfied customer by the end of the cycle.

    - Approx. 4lbs of LM (which is decent for me)
    - Mild fat loss
    - Strength increases in shoulder presses, shrugs, deadlifts (bench remains stagnant though)
    - DOMS last two weeks
    - Some acne
    - Bad insomnia when taking a pill before bed

    Originally Posted by acecombact1

    Measurement______Start_______E nd______Change
    Body Weight_______204.5______210___ ___+ 5.5lbs
    Body Fat__________n/a________n/a______- .5%
    Bench Press_______205 / 8_____225 / 8___+ 20lbs
    Squat____________265 / 6_____275 / 10__+ 10lbs & 4 reps
    Deadlift__________180 /6-8___ 205 / 6-8_ + 25lbs

    Truncated summary: “…Strength gains were very visible on all my lifts… Endurance was most significant gain from this experiment. I was able to go longer in the gym without being tired… I didn’t notice much of sides [effects]… My face skin became oily, other parts in the body the skin was dry and rough. I also noticed my joints were dryer, and noticed pain in my wrist and elbow. But I reduced dose of X-factor during last week, and added some MSM, and I was good after that. Bottom line: X-factor is very decent non-hormonal anabolic, and I think it has a lot of potential…”
    Originally Posted by animalfan

    Measurement_________Start_____ _End________Change
    Body Weight__________165_______172_ _______+ 7lbs (+ 9.5 lbs Lean Mass)
    Body Fat_____________11%_______9.5% ______- 1.5%
    Incline Bench__________-__________-_________+ 25 lbs & reps
    Squat________________-__________-_________+ 40 lbs & reps

    Truncated summary: “Body weight up to 172 this morning, up around 7 pounds. Bodyfat decreased by 1.5% total…I had raised calories up about 4/500 a day, to 33/3400. I had strength increases on all lifts; I was focused on bringing up my incline bench and squat. Squat is up 40 pounds, incline bench is up 25, all for reps… The pumps that I had noticed seemed to stick around till now, and the soreness I had in the beginning of the trial hasn't been an issue for the past 2/3 weeks. I think I had gotten used to it. Acne was an issue for me at the beginning for the cycle, but added vitamin b6 and using oxy pads quite often took care of that. I am very satisfied with this product. I'll surely be buying another run of it later in the year.”


    Originally Posted by bigasssnowman

    Measurement__________Start____ _End_____Change
    Body Weight___________207______210_ ____+ 3lbs (+ 9.2 lbs Lean Mass)
    Body Fat______________16.6%____13.6 %___- 3%
    Dead Lift (still leg)______-_________-_______+ 15 lbs
    Incline Bench _________-__________-_______+ 20 lbs
    Lat Pull Downs_________-_________-_______+ 20 lbs
    Bent Over Rows________-_________-_______+ 15 lbs
    Shoulder Press_________-_________-_______+ 10 lbs
    DB Skull Crushers_______-_________-_______+ 5 lbs

    “Pumps have been unreal, better then any no2 I have taken. In October I was able to squat 238lbs 25 times. I just tried to get 225 as many times as I could, and at 12 my pump was so big and intense that I could not do anymore. My legs get a little more sore then normal. Other then that the soreness only lasts about 1 day longer then normal. Strength: is up on everything but legs.. (hurt my knee). Bi's are about the same. Right now I’m just trying to maintain their size and not get them any bigger. Overall I would say this product is working pretty damn good, and I wish I could say that for some of the other **** I’ve wasted $ on.”
    Originally Posted by EME
    (Cutting Cycle/Contest Prep)

    Measurement___________Start___ _______End_____Chang e
    Body Weight ___________176___________163__ ___- 13 lbs
    Lean Body Mass_________155.59lbs______15 1.92___- 3.67 lbs (mostly water)
    Body Fat_______________11.6%_______ __6.8%____- 4.8%

    Truncated summary: “The goal of my training during this phase was to cut toward competition condition, while maintaining as much lean muscle as possible… I believe I successfully achieved my goal of cutting fat and maintaining muscle during the past 50 days, and I believe that X-Factor was a significant component in my success. The only side effect I noticed was increased soreness during the first few weeks. However, this soreness either went away, or I became more used to it, because I did not notice it after about week 3. I will definitely include X-Factor as part of my cutting programs in the future. I definitely feel it helped me maintain Lean Body Mass while dropping fat. I am also looking forward to including X-Factor as part of my mass building program in the off season
    Originally Posted by Mountaineer

    Measurement________Start______ __End_______Change
    Body Weight_________217_________223 _______+ 6lbs
    Body Fat ___________n/a__________n/a_______nc
    Strength____________-____________-_________Significant Increases

    Truncated summary: “…I ended the cycle at a total of only 42 days on X-factor due to some nagging shoulder pain. I felt that I had to give my body a break for a week or two to prevent further injury. This is an on going problem that has plagued me since I've started lifting weights. I don't believe it is any way related to the X-factor… Total weight gain at about 6 pounds. For me this is quite good. I do feel that this would have been more had I increased my calories… Overall I would give this product my thumbs up. I think this product helped me increase strength more than anything… I will definitely use it again. I feel to get the most from it you have to eat more calories to get the most from it. I do not know if the increased caloric demand is from protein synthesis or what but I do feel it is definitely there
    Measurement________Start_____E nd______Change
    Body Weight_________193______204___ ___+ 11 lbs
    Body Fat____________n/a______n/a_______n/a
    Strength____________-________-_________Significant Increases

    Truncated summary: “Overall my results have been really satisfactory. Remember how I started with my bodyweight of 193lbs? - Well after eight weeks I now weigh 204lbs. - that's an 11 lb increase. My wife and kids have really noticed my muscle size development. I love it. Every workout I did there was an increase in strength. And all I did was increase my intake of protein- whatever I could find - protein shake, chicken sandwich, tuna, etc. Needless to say, my workout intensity really improved. Even now, I can still feel the flu-like soreness on my muscles after working out. And the muscle pump is really great… I'll probably cycle off for a month and then resume for another eight weeks
    Originally Posted by Zackattach43

    Measurement____________Start__ ________End_______Ch ange
    Body Weight_____________191________ ___196_______+ 5 lbs (+6.53 lbs Lean Mass)
    Body Fat________________14.9%______ ___13.7%_____- .8% (increased abdominal visibility)
    Chest___________________46”_ __________46.5”___ ____ + .5” (more developed and ripped)
    Waist__________________35.75 __________35”____ ____ - .75”
    Forearms_______________12.5” ___________13”+___ ____ .5” (new exercises also started)
    Arms___________________15.5” ___________15.75”_ ____ _+ .25” (more triceps mass)
    Calves__________________15”_ ____________15.25” ____ __+ .25”
    Quads__________________24.5” ____________24.5”_ ____ __n/c – groin injury
    Bench________________185 / 7 reps________225 / 5______significant increase
    Lat Pulldowns___________120 / 8___________150 / 6______significant increase
    Pull ups__________________13_______ _______22__________+ 9 reps
    Squats_________________225 / 6____________n/c_________injury
    Bend over calf raises_____320 / 15__________360 / 15______+ 40 lbs
    Seated Smith Raises______105 / 8___________125 / 4_______n/a

    Truncated summary: Other lifts were about the same; those are the ones with the major differences. In not a single lift did anything go down. I never experienced any pumps the people were talking about; only pumps were in my arms as usual. It did help increase in my strength, and also seemed to help with fat loss - more so towards my image in the mirror than in the actual numbers itself. My girlfriend noticed a tremendous increase in my size and thought I needed to upgrade my polo shirt sizes even though she dug the sleeves looking like there were about to rip. My pecs are more finely tuned conditioned wise, especially the outer and have a more ideal shape. My forearm size went up mostly due to the new exercises introduced at the beginning of this log when I started having 2 workout partners (aka the ego contest or pissing contest). Drawbacks: 2nd week I experienced some burps that seemed like X factor, only happened after the morning dose but subsided after a couple days. Acne did increases slightly on my back. It cooled off but still there was a slight increase. Can’t take pain meds, there was about 4 times I had a real bad headache and just pulled through it without the pain meds. I limited my consumption of Omega 3s. Only consumption was olive oil when I bake my chicken or to coat my steaks before cooking. This is not really a drawback, but for most of us it might be. I am used to creatine/NO products and these are products I can "feel" working or whatever. This is one product that requires patience and evaluations in the mirror each week to properly assess the progress.
    Originally Posted by SixAbs

    Measurement____________Start__ __________End_______ __Change
    Body Weight_____________180________ _____187_________+ 7 lbs (7.9 lbs Lean mass)
    Body Fat_________________-_______________-___________- .5%
    Squat___________________-________________-___________+ 30 lbs
    Deadlift__________________-_______________-____________+ 20 lbs
    Pullups___________________-_______________-____________+ 10 lbs
    Curls____________________-________________-____________+ 3 reps
    Triceps Extensions_________-________________-____________+ 10 lbs

    Truncated summary: “No increased acne. Pumps during workouts were amazing, freaking amazing. BTW what’s most amazing is that for most of this cycle I was eating maintenance calories. Good product, and I recommend it. So far all the Molecular Nutrition products I’ve used, I’ve liked. Thanks William for the opportunity and kick ass results!

  14. pu12en12gs X Factor Review

    Here is my trial summary. It should be noted that I was stacking X-Factor with a absolute BARE MINIMUM of other supplementation, in order to objectively review the results FROM X-FACTOR ALONE... in my opinion, the average user could expect MUCH better results if stacking X-Factor with other quality supplements / cell volumizers.. etc..

    A few key things about X-Factor... I recommend it for both cutting AND bulking... "bodybuilders", "athletes", AND "powerlifters"... BUT I would wait until you hit a plateau in your progress / training, and I would buy 2-3 bottles.. minimum for best results.

    Size Gains:

    BEFORE Measurements
    Weight: 236

    Neck: 16.5
    Chest: 44
    Bi unflexed: 16.5
    Bi flexed: 17.5
    Forearms: 13.5
    Waist: 36
    Quads: 25.5
    Calves: 17

    AFTER Measurements
    Weight: 243-245 (gained 7-9 lbs)

    Neck: 16.5
    Chest: 45.5 (gained 1.5 inches)
    Bi unflexed: 17 (gained .5 inch)
    Bi flexed: 17.75 (gained .25 inch)
    Forearms: 13.75 (gained .25 inch)
    Waist: 35.5 (lost .5 inches while bulking ! !)
    Quads: 26.5 (gained 1 inch)
    Calves: 17.5 (gained .5 inch)


    Deadlift: Up 40lbs for reps

    DB Shoulder Press: Up at least 4 reps for sets

    BB Military Press: Up 4-6 reps for sets

    Squats: Up 10 reps for sets but no accurate 1RM

    Seated Leg Curls: Up 25+lbs

    Abs: Up 15lbs and up 5-10 reps for sets

    Calves: Up 90+ lbs for reps.... very noticable improvement, peak and vascularity.

    Legpress: Up 100lb+ for reps...very noticable improvement / definition

    Grip: Improved noticably during the beginning of the cycle.

  15. MN has the best Reps ever!
    gonna give X-Factor a try once my knee is heeled.... i hear the joint pain is off the chain!!!
  16. Red face

    Quote Originally Posted by SoonersSB View Post
    MN has the best Reps ever!
    gonna give X-Factor a try once my knee is heeled.... i hear the joint pain is off the chain!!!
    2 yr bump, but I hope you gave it a shot and enjoyed your XF cycle.
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