Ratio of monounsaturated vs other fats in x-factor diets

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    Ratio of monounsaturated vs other fats in x-factor diets

    so here's the situation. Started XF at 1250mg/day 5 days ago. I got a few headaches initially, which have not come back, and now i've got way increased appetite with food ALWAYS on my mind lol.

    I'm eating greens, spinach , salads with vingarette (sp?) dressing+ goat cheese and avocado slices. Additonally i have 1-2 avocados a day but i also get fat from chicken, and steaks (which i have daily) like NY strip steak, sirloin, etc. Easily a 1lb of beef in a day.

    Lunch is a whole wheat wrap with sun dried tomato, roast beef, avocado no dressing.

    Is this much avocado going to make me NOT see results? I'm trying to get fats from other sources (i also use PB, and any cheese when i have some like swiss or provalone) but i definitely don't want to hurt my results.

    at 1250mg, anyone have an idea when i'll see the hardness/strength kicking in? Will the avocado counteract it or am i getting enough fats from other sources?

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    I would def. cut the advocado, and replace it with some extra virgin coconut oil, for the same amount of calories. And yes, it will diminish the effects of AA.

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