X-factor/powerfull Pre-log Thread

  1. X-factor/powerfull Pre-log Thread

    I will be starting a very detailed log of my X-Factor + Powerfull stack within the next 2 weeks. The cycle will include Size-on, bcaa's, as well as zma before bed, and possibly a trib booster.

    I really want to see what results x-factor can produce given 100% dedication in training, diet, and pure determination to get the best out of every day of the cycle.

    Upon arrival of X-Factor I will be setting up a complete log with all stats(height, weight, age, bf, etc) including before/after pics, as well as weekly pics so the people following can better track the progress.

    For those interested in seeing first hand the possibilities of a x-factor/powerfull stack, please stay tuned :bb:

  2. Sounds like a potent combo. Have you used XF standalone?
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  3. tuned....

  4. I actually have not used X-Factor as a standalone, and it seems that my X-Factor came in today and I'm still waiting on my Powerfull.

    Do you all suggest I run it stand-alone or continue the stack as planned? I'm amped either way, and ready to dive in!

  5. I'll take it you've used PowerFULL before though right? I think you should stack them even if you haven't tried either before.

  6. agreed, wait for the PowerFULL!

    i am interested in the combo!!!

  7. I suggest you do the following as you did not used XF previously. : Start XF by itself for the first 25 days (I am assuming you got 2 bottles) at 1000mg daily. You can use zma and bcaa's for all the length of the cycle. You should feel it kicking in pretty well at this point. Day 26 you throw in Size-on, your trib product, and powerfull for the rest of the cycle. This will indicate you how well XF works for you, and benefit from everything you want to include.

    Good luck


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