XFA, cissus, jointforce?

  1. XFA, cissus, jointforce?

    I maybe beating a dead horse, but what is the final verdict on using cissus and other joint supplements with XFA?

    I would like to give XFA a shot for a recomp/cut cycle but am currently playing semi-pro football and practice 2-3 days a week.

    I don't have any major joint issues but because of the nature of the game and heavy lifting as well, I always have jammed fingers, sprained this, sore that etc.

    How can I best run XFA in my situation while using cissus, fish oil, jointforce?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. the boswelia in XFA works better for my joint issues than cissus ever has, and joint force actually made my elbows super stiff the only two times I used it on my elbows for bench days... so with that in mind, perhaps keep cissus in the mix if you please, but XFA unlike the original actually sees most users commenting on how their joint issues are alleviated.

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