Test Factor Information and Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Test Factor Information and Frequently Asked Questions

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    Test Factor by Molecular Nutrition with RC Pensis and AcetoFIT is one of the strongest testosterone support supplements available. RC Pensis is a patented formula that helps to increase the total free or bioavailable testosterone in your body. Test Factor will increase serum testosterone levels, but also is powerful enough to support a full spectrum of androgen action including increased protein synthesis rates, improved energy & vitality, extended muscle endurance, enhanced nutrient delivery, and increased libido or sexual energy.

    ActeoFIT is a new & unique form of herbal extracts standardized for the natural high-affinity Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator (SERM) ligand acteoside. There are dozens of studies supporting the use of acteoside and its source herbs in the field of sports nutrition. For example, one series of preliminary experiments with mice have demonstrated an increase in endurance during exercise, along with inhibited creatine kinase and improved glycogen stores. This may translate to better performance; along with preserved muscle mass and energy (glycogen is the primary source of fuel during exercise). Further still, hyperplasia and hypertrophy of muscle cell mitochondria were observed without damage to the myofibril. This supports muscle fiber growth (size and number), along with a significant anti-catabolic (protein sparing) effects.

    There is presently no other testosterone supplement combinations like RC Pensis & ActeoFIT available that have been shown to produce such strong increases in testosterone levels as Test Factor can.

    Supplement Facts
    Serving Size: 2 Capsules
    Servings Per Container: 60
    Amount Per Serving and % of Daily Value
    Vitamin D3 (as cholecalciferol) 1000 IU 250%
    Zinc Orotate 50 mg (8 mg elemental zinc) 50%
    RC Pensis; (Ruta Chalepensis extract) 500 mg
    SHBG Uncoupling Agent(Urtica Dioica extract) 350 mg
    ActeoFIT; Selective Estrogen-Receptor Modulating Matrix 250 mg
    Rhemannia Root Extract (Rhemannia glutinosa)
    Cistanche Tubuolsa Extract (Cistanche deserticola) (extracted for active glycosides, including acteoside)
    Tongkat Ali-Source(Eurycoma Longfolia Extract 100:1) 50 mg


    RC Pensis is an herbal extract of the medicinal plant Ruta Chalepensis, a new patent pending nutraceutical for sports nutrition and male hormone support applications.

    One primary use for RC Pensis is to increase testosterone levels in men. Studies have shown oral administration of ruta chalepensis extract to increase testosterone levels in male rats by 365-476%. Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) was also increased by approximately 400%. Supplementation was associated with an increase in testicular weight and volume, and a doubling of the live sperm count. Sperm mobility also doubled, and total sperm abnormalities dropped by 45%. There is presently no other dietary supplement ingredient available in this category that is backed by such strong figures in a peer-reviewed study.

    Additional peer-reviewed studies suggest ruta chalepensis has strong insulinomimetic (mimics/copies insulin's action) activity. Supplementation of ruta chalepensis extract for 15 days improved the insulin secreting capacity of the pancreatic beta cells, and also enhanced the overall biological action of insulin. Insulin is a powerful anabolic hormone in humans. It is responsible for transporting amino acids and glucose into the muscles, and exerts both direct anabolic and anti-catabolic action on muscle protein. Liver glycogen also increased by nearly 70% with ruta chalepensis administration, and skeletal muscle glycogen (a primary fuel source for a workout or athletic endeavor) increased by 18%.

    Ruta chalepensis extract has also been shown to increase nitric oxide (NO) production via a cGMP mechanism. The enhancement of NO was associated with a clear increase in vasodilation, or increased blood flow to the extremities due to relaxation of the arteries. In addition to producing an enhanced “pump” effect during exercise, enhanced nitric oxide and vasodilation in men may be associated with an increase in the girth, length and duration of erections. Note that phosphodiesterase (PDE) inhibitors such as sildenafil and vardenafil work by decreasing the degradation of cGMP. This mechanism of action represents a second distinct pathway in which RC Pensis may support both sports performance and male libido/sexual functioning.


    Sports Nutrition (muscle mass, strength, endurance, performance), Libido Enhancement, Insulin Support


    ° Stimulation of testosterone, FSH
    ° Increased insulin synthesis/activity
    ° Enhanced NO synthesis via cGMP


    ° Increased muscle mass and strength
    ° Increased pump, vascularity
    ° Support of male libido, sexual functioning
    ° Greater endurance, sports performance


    500 – 1,500 mg per day


    RC Pensis is obtained by proprietary extraction of ruta chalepensis, an herb with a long history of safe use in traditional Ayurvedic medicine. Ruta chalepensis is currently included on the FDA's list of GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) herbs (www.ars-grin.gov/duke/syllabus/gras.htm).


    Stimulatory Effect of the Aqueous Extract of Ruta chalepensis on the Sex Organs and Hormones of Male Rats. Aly Abdullah Al Qarawi, PhD . Journal of Applied Research. Vol.5,No.1,2005.

    The role of NO and cGMP in antispasmodic activity of ruta chalepensis leaf extract on rat ileum. A.A. Moazedi, N. Dabir et al. Pak. J. Bio. Sci. 13(2): 83-87, 2010

    Persistent Hyperinsulinemia as a Result of Infusion with Ruta Chalepensis. Othman Al-Sagair,PhD. Journal of Applied Research. Vol.4,No.4,2004
    Molecular Nutrition Representative
    BODY OF SCIENCE | Center for Supplement, Anabolic Steroid & Muscle Building Research

    [email protected]

    Disclaimer: views expressed in the above post do not necessarily consitute the views of Molecular Nutrition. Please consult a doctor before engaging in any exercise or supplement regimen.

  2. FAQ

    Here are some questions you may have but Bill and Shawn will be answering alot of these in more detail.

    1) I am currently taking prescription medication, can I still use Test Factor?

    If you have any underlying medical condition, or are currently undergoing treatment or taking medication for any reason, you should not use Test Factor. At a minimum discuss the use of Test Factor(or any supplement) with your physician before starting this product.

    2) I am getting ready to begin Test Factor. Do i need to ramp-up dosage, take a larger dose at the beginning, or taper the dosage at the end of the cycle?

    You can begin by using a full daily dose of the product from day 1(2-3 servings). At the completion of the cycle, there is no need to taper.

    3) Is there a minimum age for using Test Factor?

    Users should be at least 18 years of age before using TF.

    4) How should I space my daily doses of Test Factor?

    Test Factor can be taken at any part of the day, making it very convenient. We recommend splitting the servings throughout the day, with meals, although this is not a requirement.

    5) Can I take Test Factor with X factor or X Factor Advanced?

    Yes, this is a very good combination as X factor increases cell sensitivity to androgens, the Test Factor increases androgen level. There is good synergy between the products and together they create one of the most potent muscle building stacks on the market.

    6) Rhuta chalepensis extract increases nitric oxide levels, can I still use my current NO or pre workout supplement?

    This is absolutley fine for users that desire an additional "pump" during there workout. However users who are stacking Test Factor with X Factor or X Factor advanced will most likely find adding an additional NO product unnecessary.

    7) Can I stack Test Factor with another natural Testosterone booster?

    Test Factor stacks well with supplements containing d-aspartic acid. For users contemplating this option we currently recommend using it stacked with DAA-CC (Calcium Chelate) version which is available from E-Pharm.

    8) If I am inactive could I just use this product for increased sexual performance?

    Yes, this is a strong libido supplement. Users who are interested in this product for the sexual performance benefits will not be dissapointed.

    9) Can I incorporate Test Factor into my PCT?

    We do not recommend over the counter supplements for PCT purposes. However, if a user has a proper PCT in place, Test Factor is an acceptable addition. Test Factor can also be used following a traditional PCT.

    10) How long can I use Test Factor continously?

    Any supplement that shifts a hormone off baseline should be discontinued at least a couple times per year. A standard cycle would be two bottles of Test Factor followed by a 6-8 week "break" to allow the body to return to homeostasis.

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