Peak Beta final review

  1. Peak Beta final review

    I first am going to say strength has decreased, because I have been on a calorie deprivation the whole log.Everyone knows when you do this strength usually goes down and I did not expect to be as strong as I am under these current conditions. every little aspect counts and this product is in a class of its own as far as the beta alanine products . Its the best beta alanine product bar none and in a catagorie of its own.

    Peak Beta has been well worth the money spent and Im glad I chose it.Thank you Molecular Nutrition, Jjohn and Molecular Nutrition representatives.

    I give this product two thumbs up and hold it in high standards.

    any questions feel free

    also you can follow my diet for this log on my NGA Nashville show in logs

    and see my training in my log
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  2. smeton,

    Thank you a ton for your detailed log and final review. I'll be sure to pimp this review for time to come

    Much appreciated.


  3. please use it how ever you see fit.
    Facebook Great Physique Fitness
    Twitter SmetonFitness
    Youtube JohnSmetonFitness1
  4. Thumbs up

    Thanks for the awesome log and review smelton_yea!

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