Help with my X Factor Run

  1. Help with my X Factor Run

    would 1 bottle (100 softgels) be benificial for an x factor cycle??? i plan on buying USPlabs PRIME and stacking it with the X Factor but if i buy 2 bottles of Xfactor AND Prime itll be too costly for me...i live in canada so alot of stuff is hard to get down here, but prime and xfactor are no problem, i just cant get X in bulk...let me know please

  2. No. X Factor is only worth running 2 bottles. The results start to kick in at about day 20 or so..

  3. anywhere i can find alot for cheap?

  4. (here comes the nutraplanet answers lol)

  5. haha i checked nutraplanet and couldnt find anything

  6. XF is still a somewhat pricey compound, but, IMO, you get what you pay for and it is worth every penny.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  7. Exactly...

  8. so i just got my two bottles of xfactor (50 days)...pumped to give this a diet is great so i hope to see some satisfiying results!

  9. Let us know how the cycle goes bro!



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