Best way to use 1 1/2 bottles X-Factor?

  1. Best way to use 1 1/2 bottles X-Factor?

    Hey guys,

    I was going through my supp basket the other day and pulled out 1 1/2 bottles of xfactor caps.

    At present, i'm on a cut, weighing approx 168lbs and ~10% bf. I'm planning to get down to 8% and holding that over the Christmas period, and am starting a clean bulk mid January.

    I was just wondering what is the best way to use these caps? Since its not enough for a full cycle, should i use the pulse technique and take 4 EOD? If there are any other protocols you can think of, i'd love to hear it.


  2. Pulse technique is useless with AA.... This is not a steroid.

    I would just wait to get another bottle, since the good part is from day 25-50... But it's up to you.. You might be sad when you reach day 37 without anymore AA lol.

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