It is time...

  1. It is time...

    I'm off the the venue to get ready for the fight. I'm the 3rd fight and they're supposed to start at 8PM. I'm feeling really good, but I have a few butterflies in the gut. I usually never feel anything, so this may be a good thing for me. Wish me luck, bros...
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  2. Good luck man. Keep a clear mind.

  3. Good luck, homie.

  4. Break a leg...YOUR OPPONENTS LEG

    Don't sweat the butterflies. I always pitched my best when I had a little nervous energy flowing!

    Will anybody be taping this one for you?

    Everybody needs to hit the thumbs up on the first post too!!!
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  5. Kick some a$$ rod!! :bruce1:

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  6. Good luck!

  7. Kill it bruv!

  8. hope all went well rod

  9. He may still be unconscious...

  10. Hope it went well, Rodja.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Hard Knox View Post
    He may still be unconscious...
    Who invited the troll??
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  12. Please tell me thats really Alex in your av, jas.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by Rodja View Post
    Who invited the troll??
    Glad your awake now! So what was the outcome?

  14. Quote Originally Posted by robdog View Post
    Please tell me thats really Alex in your av, jas.

    Ok, no. Alex has more of a retarded look I would guess.

  15. Quote Originally Posted by jas123 View Post

    Ok, no. Alex has more of a retarded look I would guess.
    I'd like to think of it as a stoic look, but retarded will work

    Rodja, what happened, the suspense is killing us.

  16. M.Ed. Ex Phys

  17. I knew you were waiting to post the vid. That was a great fight while it lasted. That dude looked like a big a$$ WW. Anyways, keep your head up, you put on a hell of a fight. That guy looked pretty damn sharp.

  18. Good fight. At least he broke his nimble ankle.

  19. It was the ****ing underhook that did me in again. I drilled the hell out of that counter for the last 10 days before the fight, but I froze for about 1/4 of a sec and it was too late by then.
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  20. Was still a damn good fight bro! I am willing to bet you'll never fall to that underhook again, so next time someone goes for it.. COUNTERtime baby!

  21. Good fight. You guys both looked very sharp. You'll get 'em next time.

  22. It was a nice fight bro. You looked sharp and took that knee without waiver, anybody can get caught. It was a nice showing of good grappling.

  23. Thanks for the kind words. I am at the point where I don't fight for the money or the accolades, I do it for the love of the game. There is nothing like stepping into that cage with the crows cheering and your music blaring. The outcome is irrelevant to me.
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  24. Very nice job, my man. Much respect.

  25. Good stuff man. You are young and will only get better. I'll root for you no matter what man.


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