Dream 5 videos (discussion after first post)

  1. Hunt essentially handed Overeem his right arm immediately once he was in guard.

    "Here Mr.Overeem, please submit me".

  2. Quote Originally Posted by jas123 View Post
    What a fight. Alvarez showed some major poise. I love Japanese productions, I really do.

  3. Alvarez is quickly becoming one of my favorite fighters.

  4. Yeah, Alvarez is amazing and it sounds like we'll get Alvarez-Hansen II soon. Kawajiri's hands looked great as well.

    Aoki's amazing, but for some reason I wanted to see him get KOed and I did. He's a little too one dimensional and desparate to stay locked on to a guy. He's a hnadful for anyone though. Semi-disappointing final with Alvarez not in there.

    Overeem looked good on the ground. Hunt didn't completely give it to him.

    Dream's really becoming a nice replacement for Pride.



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