Arlovski or Rothwell?

  1. Arlovski or Rothwell?

    Alright guys I must say that I'm pretty excited about this one because as I've sayed before "The Pit Bull" is my favorite fighter. Just want to hear what you guys think of this fight, who will win and how? Of course I will tell you that AA will win by KO in the 2nd. I would love to see AA and Fedor in the next main event

  2. Arlovski by TKO or rothwell by Dec.

    I got Pitbull by TKO.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by CryingEmo View Post
    Arlovski by TKO or rothwell by Dec.

    I got Pitbull by TKO.
    I'm anxiously awaiting for the lines to come out for this fight. If Rothwell is a big underdog, he would be a good bet. Andrei is clearly more talented, but he doesnt do well against big, heavy hitters. I wont be surprised if Rothwell takes it.

  4. No idea which way to go. I guess AA by decision? Who knows....

  5. AA by TKO, I dont think Rothwell is ready for this level yet

  6. aa by tko


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