mat thickness?

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    Smile mat thickness?

    have been training mma for bit over half a year lately, but recently lost my licence so now can rarely make it down to training...

    i was looking at buying some wrestling/mma jigsaw/puzzle mats so i can lay them down on the concrete floor of the garage and do some training at home with people...

    was just wondering if any1 has mats at home they train hard on doing sparring with big takedowns/slams etc. and if so what thickness do you use?? 20 / 30 / 40 mm?? site i was looking at recommends 40mm for throws/takedowns, but works out being a few hundred dollars difference between each size when u buy a fair few pieces...

    i think they may have had just 30mm at place i trained at, but i hadn't really stopped to measure or look properly.. i couldnt find to much on the web bout what thickness would be best either, anyway any feedback would be great??!! cheers!!

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    just out of curiosity, is your school that far? Could always bike it.
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    I got zebra samples in. The puzzle mat looks good and is resonably priced. You could get the 1.5 inch grappling or MMA zebra mats for about 130 for 18 SQFT. 4-6 mats would be decently sized. So about 600 dollars.

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    I like it really thick.

    That's for you Emo.

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