Elite XC comes to the 209

  1. Elite XC comes to the 209

    Thomas Denny has no problems walking into the lion's den.

    The former King of the Cage champion has agreed to face resident troublemaker Nick Diaz in his hometown of Stockton, Calif. on EliteXC's second CBS-televised card at the Stockton Arena on July 26. Contracts are expected to be inked Tuesday.

    The 160-pound bout joins a previously announced matchup between the much-vaunted Jake Shields and former Bodog Fight champion Nick Thompson for the vacant EliteXC welterweight crown.

    I'm only 5 minutes away. Should at least be a decent night of fights. I guarantee a few fights in the crowd. Never fails.

  2. Thomas ****ing Denny, man. Semtex is back, they should've set up Diaz/Semtex. I don't know, pointless fight IMO. Shields and The Goat should be good.

  3. If Diaz stays standup happy, he'd get KOed by Semtex or you could bang his mum. Shields should handle the Goat.

  4. My thoughts exactly. They both should win pretty easily. I'm guessing Fickett gets the winner of Sheilds v. Thompson?

    Oh there's also been talks of Gary Shaw being outted from ProElite. CBS is taking a more active role in the company.

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