Arlovski to face Ben Rothwell

  1. Arlovski to face Ben Rothwell

    AA is going to be doing it up against Big Ben at Affliction. Can this card get any better? It should be an interesting fight, as Ben can finally be truly tested against a proven elite fighter. It will be in a ring, so that will give Rothwell a slight, but much needed adavntage since he has a lot of experience in there.

    I still have to go with Andre, though.

  2. Interestingly enough, Ben Rothwell is now saying that this is not true.

    Edit: It's actually a big deal going on over at ****dogg. It's confusing, but I believe this fight is happening. Ben was denying a sept 6th match. It's turned into a zoo, and they are talking about banning Ben for all the back and forth going on (which I doubt will happen).

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