I fought in a Muay Thai fight last night

  1. I fought in a Muay Thai fight last night

    So a couple weeks ago I was talking to my old teacher and I heard he was putting on some fights, I asked him if I could fight in it, he was like yeah if you want to I think I have a guy. It was just an exhibiton smoker bout no winner or loser but it was still a fight. So I tried to do a little bag work and sparring and stuff but mostly I just train jujitsu. Anyways it wasn't really much time to train, but I was still game.
    Well the original guy I was to fight dropped out but he had someone else, still a beginner but he was big. Turns out he was a 225 pound black guy and I'm a 180 pound white boy with a little native american. His neck was twice as thick as mine and his wrist's were twice as big. I was pretty scared but I've got heart so I got in there with him. We decided not to wear any headgear just shin guards, they were the cheap cotton padded ones.
    The first round I totally dominated. The first exchange he threw a cross and I followed it back with a cross and then just jumped in with a flying knee, he was stunned and I was landing all these combinations. I was getting hit with a punch here and there but mostly I was slipping his punches and landing counters. Or I would slip a punch and grab a clinch and just knee his stomach like my life depended on it. I felt so many knees just sinking in deep, but he was kind of soft around the midsection and I think that helped him absorb it, I know one knee I landed he moaned but mostly he just took it and gave a few knees back. At the end of the round he threw a kick and I hit him with a cross at the same time and I knocked him down. I felt like Crocop walking back to my corner looking over my shoulder at him.
    The second round went down pretty much the same except he started landing a few more combinations, but I was able to recover quickly. I totally forgot about using that flying spear knee, I found out later that really hurt him.
    The third round was going the same as the second but I was starting to gas out. I landed the best muay thai kick on him. My whole shin bone landed across his waist, it made a loud smack, he just stopped for a moment and kept coming. Around the middle of the round though he landed a good 3 punch combo, I don't know if I tried to get away or clinch but he landed another solid 3 punch combo. I was completely gassed, my legs were gone and I felt like I was on the verge of being ko'd. So I took a knee, got up and told my corner I didn't want to get knocked out. They were trying to encourage me to stay in it, there was only like 30 seconds left. But I made up my mind and told the ref I couldn't continue. I gave it all I had but he was too big and I just couldn't stop him.
    It took me like 20-30 minutes after the fight to recover, I was all dizzy and dazed and hot. I went outside to get some air for 5 minutes or so. After that I was fine. A few of us had an after party and got some hotel rooms, a couple girls were there, it was a good time.

  2. What a pvssy, you should've hung in there. Just playing man, I don't even fight, sounds like you did great against a much bigger opponent.

  3. Unreal mate, it sounds liek you had a good time. I'd love to learn some skills like this.

  4. Good motivation to work on stamina and endurance then huh? It is crazy how hard of a beating some guys can soak up. You never know, he could have been just as worse for wear as you but not showing it. You could have been just a few strikes from victory! Looking back, do you think you made the best decision by forfeiting ? I'd be glad not to lose by KO myself, but it'd be eating at me not knowing for sure how the battle would have ended had i given it my all.

  5. How many rounds was the fight scheduled for?

  6. Congrats and I can tell you're excited by that huge ass wall of text! HAWT™ lol

  7. It was just a 3 round fight. If I would have hung in there and not been ko'd it would have just been a draw. There was no judging involved. For some reason that's how my old kru rolls, you have to ko to win. Of course they judged the last fight of the night which was a title fight.

  8. Check out these sweet words my boy Dino Costeas wrote about me.

    Hey Long Lost Brother!

    I am so excited that you fought - fought hard - and fought an opponent
    with 50 + pounds on you! You keep on with those daredevil moves and I'll be taking private lessons from you in my near future!
    Simply Awesome Dave!!!!

    You know I was interviewed by Fight Magazine along with some other
    trainers. It was the same question for all...." What does it take to be a man? " - Most answered via technique
    responses. And although I did state that you had to know how to throw a punch - I also said that you have to be able to protect your self
    and especially your loved ones. That you had to appreciate great music, have a firm handshake, handle your
    whiskey ( Ha! ) - but seriously , you can do all of the above. Tis a
    rare thing these days. I know very few
    real men. It is hard to be one.
    But for someone to get into a ring or in a cage or even on the mat...
    To have the strength and courage to do that...well - I just look at you with respect and honor. It makes me proud
    to know another real man. And it is hard to be one - you have to crawl out of the cage we all keep inside sometimes- like a tiger and fight with soul. Win, lose or draw. Doesn't matter. To be my brother and soldier- to be a 21st Century Samurai and a real man - you have to fight. And you David are all of the above....always know that Kid.

    An Honorable Bow,

    Dino Costeas


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