Huerta/Florian winner getting shot at Sherk/Penn winner

  1. Huerta/Florian winner getting shot at Sherk/Penn winner

    Just read an interview with Dana White where he said that the champion needs to clean out the division. He said that the fight in August between Florian and Huerta would give the winner the first fight againt the Penn/Sherk winner.

    This could lead to some great fights. I see Penn finishing Sherk within 2 rounds as I also see with Florian over Huerta. A Penn/Florian fight could be very interesting imo. I think Florian's game is solid enough to last a bit, but in the end Penn would finish him as well.


  2. MW, WW, and LW are pretty much owned IMO. I don't see anyone beating Silva, GSP, or BJ for quite awhile. I like Florian, but I see him as just being a really sh*tty version of Penn. Sherk probably has the best chance to beat Penn, and we'll see next weekend.

  3. Great, so we have to wait until December to see the LW title defended. WTF, Dana!? They can fight more than 3x in a year.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  4. I agree that none of them have a soht at BJ, but I think Florian could be fun as would Huerta. It would be win/win in my opinion

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