ground game

  1. ground game

    ok here is the score, i got my blacbelt in kickboxing at quite a young age entered a few comps and also boxed for county and city, i want to take it further into mma in the next few years but so far have no ground game.

    on my feet will happily take on any one in my weight cass and confident still i wont be beat ( ps not meaning pros lol )

    but what do you reckomend for ground game?? bjj??

  2. Since when do they give out belts in kickboxing??

    Anywho, submission wrestling would be ideal, but BJJ or just wrestling will suffice.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys


  3. depends which kickboxing is took up, my club and most the clubs around here uk do have belts, but maybee as its more the style of kickboxing adapted from freestyle karate rather than from mai thai,

    being in england i have never done wresteing before , might try fid a lub somewhere

  4. Im calling garbage pail on this one.

  5. aint a clue what that means

  6. Quote Originally Posted by warren View Post
    aint a clue what that means
    Me neither.


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